NEW YORK (CBSNewYork ) – The medical examiner is working to determine the cause of death of an 11-year-old boy in Brooklyn Tuesday.

Camron Jean-Pierre was known to have an allergic reaction to fish.

Police say his father was cooking cod at his home on 82nd Street near Flatlands Avenue Tuesday evening when the boy began to have an apparent allergic reaction.

When he started showing symptoms, his family hooked him up to a breathing machine.

About 15 minutes later, he lost consciousness. That’s when the family called 911.

He was rushed to Brookdale Hospital and died a short time later.

Investigators believe the boy had a reaction to the smell of the cooking fish.

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  1. It’s not the smell, its the essence…burn poison ivy and get near the smoke, you will be infected…same with boiling…people should no this, especially if a kid is alergic

  2. Whats the problem…doesn’t every parent who knows there child is allergic to something purposely bring it into the house? Just wondering is this is normal where Camron Jean-Pierre’s parents are from?

  3. Mary Geraci says:

    my son was also that highly allergic to fish. We knew he couldn’t eat it, but couldn’t tolerate it in the air? Fingers that had prepared the fish left welts on his skin, forks that had been used at the meal had to be cleaned in a particular manner. He could not eat some fishes but could eat tuna, shrimp, lobster, salmon. He was also allergic to peanuts but loved peanut butter. Loved the smell of just mown grass but would have a medical emergency that took him to the hospital. He died at age 27 but lived his life with joy the way he wanted.

  4. Dave Fay says:

    Sorry for the family, but if just the smell of cooking fish is going to kill you, you just don’t have a chance at all.

  5. I feel for those that loved him, but the child — if he died from something so simple — was unfit for life. Hygiene hypothesis, bad genetics? We may never know.

  6. Mark Smith says:

    Kid is allergic to fish so the father cooks cod?

  7. Osmond P Popplewell says:

    My son was allergic to potatoes. Found that boiling the spuds was enough to cause a severe breathing reaction. There was never another spud cooked in the house until he left for college. Heart goes out to the family. So sad…so very sad.

  8. Chuck Curry says:

    The new American family. No charges for Pop though, I bet.

  9. Keith Johnson says:

    Why would you cook fish when you KNOW someone in the house has an allergy to it?

  10. Rhonda Tracey says:

    very sad.. wow..

  11. Jack Inmanz says:

    “the boy began to have an apparent allergic reaction.

    When he started showing symptoms, his family hooked him up to a breathing machine.”

    Wait a second. This family has a breathing machine IN THEIR HOUSE?

    1. Lyn Patricia says:

      Nebulizer many people who suffer asthmatic attacks or have copd have one at home

  12. Cooked fish oil?!!!

    Mother of God…I’d probably die too!

    1. Terry Gillespie says:

      you’re weird man

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