NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Should tourists be taxed for walking across the Brooklyn Bridge?

One man thinks so. 

Julian Rosow grew up in Manhattan before moving to Brooklyn and says in the last few years, as the borough has become more popular, foot traffic on the bridge has drastically increased.

Rosow says this makes it harder for runners, like himself, and others to pass, negatively affecting their quality of life.

He would like the city to start taxing tourists who cross the bridge by foot.

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  1. Wes Bender says:

    I used to walk over the Brooklyn Bridge several times a week. That has now changed due to the radical increase in pedestrian traffic and cyclists — all of whom are forced to share a walkway that is much too narrow to accommodate them. It’s also absurd to jam pedestrians and cyclists into the same space.

    I’m actually surprised I haven’t heard of serious injuries due to cyclists hitting pedestrians (who often are unaware they are in a cycling only lane). Then there’s the police CARS parked up on the pedestrian walkway, which literally block the pedestrian lanes (with the officers usually sitting inside on their cell phones). It’s crazy, cars parked on a walkway made of 2 x 4 boards! Finally, many pedestrians up there simply don’t walk in their designated lane (as indicated by the painted arrows on the walkway). If folks would just walk to their right, pedestrian traffic would run much more smoothly…

    As for taxing folks, well, how about taxing the street vendors who set up shop on the bridge? They’re running cash businesses up there (selling water and other beverages, hot dogs, pretzels, gift shop knick-knacks, artwork, etc. Several vendors have generators powering up their rigs, all of which adds to the cacophony and circus like atmosphere up there!

  2. Michael Gorland says:

    Tax runners. Annoying bunch of heath freaks.

  3. Howard E Davis says:

    …not to mention HIS air that they’re breathing!

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