NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – The woman caught on camera dipping her chicken fingers into soda at the US Open last summer is making another splash.

Alexa Greenfield has embraced the internet-breaking incident and made a music video about it.

“I was minding my business at the US Open when ESPN caught me. I was dipping my chicken into my soda, and now they all think I’m a freak,” she sings to the tune of the Chicken Dance. “Take the chicken with your right, take the soda with your left and then you dip, dip dip, dip, dip.”

She’s even coming out with her own merchandise and brand of Cola dipping sauces, for hot foods like chicken.

Greenfield said her father got the family started on the unusual flavor combination, maybe at first to cool down the chicken tender before eating it. She said she got hooked on the flavor combination.


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