NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – As temperatures plunge, some subway riders say they’re seeing more and more homeless people seeking shelter inside subway cars.

This winter, commuters say the problem has gotten so bad they’re left with no seats to use.

Vagrants turning half of a subway car into their home, filling it with bags, boxes, and clothes.

(Credit: CBS2/Edwin Rivera)

In others, benches being used as beds.

(Credit: CBS2/Edwin Rivera)

Edwin Rivera says it’s why he has trouble finding a seat on the 2 train from 149th Street and Third Avenue in the Bronx to his job near Columbus Circle.

“Five, 5:30 in the morning… you get in the car… there’s somebody sleeping there. Two, three, four people sleeping in different cars,” Rivera described.

“The smell is terrible… Sometimes they defecate on themselves and you have to leave that car.”

Samuel Santos says it also happens on the A train when he gets on at 181st Street.

“A lot of times you’re standing because you don’t want to sit down,” Santos explained.

F train commuter Andrew Quinn says he’s notified conductors.

“They tell you ‘yeah I know and I’ve reported it and I just have to keep the trains moving,’” the Park Slope resident claimed.

(Credit: CBS2/Edwin Rivera)

CBS2 showed the videos to NYPD commissioner James O’Neill Monday.

“As I look at these videos, of course they’re disturbing. You’re not supposed to be laying down on the subway… if you’re taking up one seat you’re not committing any violations, that’s fine,” O’Neill said. “There are things we can do. This doesn’t necessarily rise to the level of a violation, a summons, or an arrest.”

“I wonder if the police commissioner has been on the subway recently when they’ve seen this,” Andrew Quinn added. “I would like to see more police… Right now they’re using it as a as a shelter and it’s taking away from people on the subway who’ve actually paid to use it for what the subway is for.”

CBS2 also showed the videos to the MTA. A spokesperson would not answer our questions and only referred us to the Bowery Residents Committee, a non profit that does outreach to the homeless on the subways, which did not return our calls either.

An MTA spokesperson added “The NYC Transit rules of conduct prohibit certain behavior; The rules are enforced by NYPD.”

You can read those rules by clicking here.

Back in October, the city’s Transit Authority president Andy Byford said he ordered his station managers to work with the NYPD and the Department of Homeless Services to stop the city’s growing homeless popular from overrunning trains.

A day after the MTA spokesperson’s refusal to comment, the agency released a statement backing the highly criticized Transit Authority leader.

“President Byford has repeatedly said that homelessness is a societal problem that demands a multi-agency approach, balancing everyone’s right to a clean, safe, and comfortable experience on public transit with the need to get people the help they need.  We rely upon the NYPD to enforce the Transit Rules of Conduct and partners like the Department of Homeless Services and Bowery Residents Committee to help holistically respond to this citywide crisis.”

Three months later, how the situation is still being tolerated remains unclear.

“Roll their sleeves… Get out from their office… MTA or maybe the mayor’s office and help us,” Samuel Santos pleaded.

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  1. David Alster says:

    The disintegration of standards of conduct. They watered down the law so it protects offenders. 20 years ago the Transit Police would be right on it throwing these people off the train.

  2. Chris Karma says:

    this was a hilarious article.
    hahahaha, i am a native new yorker, this is great!!
    crime/stink and murder, the NY of my youth hath returned!!

    hahaha – why complain??? you got what you voted for!!!
    go back to Ohio if you don’t like it and leave NY for real newyorkers

  3. I am sorry for the homeless, but they must be removed from these subway cars. Hardworking people depend on this mode of transport to get to their jobs.

  4. Johnny Simpson says:

    Isn’t it funny that whether it is NYC or San Fran or some other liberal blue state bastion, the more progressives you vote into office the further back from progress you get? Calling them regressives would be more accurate. Your take-home pay regresses from exorbitant taxes at the same time your city regresses from habitable to a dump. I blame the voters. Progressives can’t help themselves. Oh well.

  5. Jane Bryson Dougherty says:

    Why not ask Ocasia-Cortez to fix it. She has all the answers.

    1. Patrick Dempsey says:

      that’s what I was thinking…

      1. Mac McGovern says:

        And I.

  6. Steve Hansen says:

    This is what happens when you have a clown for a mayor. You elected him – you live in his mess and quit bitching about it! You knew what you were getting.

  7. Richard Forster says:

    I go into NYC a few times a year. The downslide since DiBlasio was elected in very visible. What a shame he is still the mayor. NYC deserves better.

    1. Actually, New Yorkers get exactly what they deserve. They voted for the ‘progressive’ Democrats who now occupy EVERY OFFICE in government.

  8. Gil Stonebarger says:

    keep voting democrat……seems to be working

    1. lol, just stay the hell away from florida

  9. Abe Arnold says:

    These same NY Socialist democRAT complainers voted for Ogayboy and his tranny twice, and then for Hillary.

  10. Steven Lehar says:

    But but but – many of the vagrants are MINORITIES and thus it would be RACIST to ask them to move!

  11. Shep Kreitenstein says:

    Merely reaping the results of both City and State governments. It is a DemLibProgLeftist approved problem, on for which they will offer no real and lasting solutions.

  12. MH Thomas says:

    Maybe deBlazio should confiscate buildings from landlords and give them a place to live… or throw out all the bankers and businessmen and let the homeless stay in their offices… or just give them all $1000/week out of whatever’s left over from his Sanctuary City fund or the Free Healthcare Fund. Or he could just blame President Trump.

  13. Mels Rogue says:

    From the very same people that elected Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez –
    They want this garbage to go national
    Liberals ruin everything they touch

    1. Frank Dilliard says:

      They screw things up, and then whine about it – never realizing that it’s their own socialist policies that created the mess in the first place. You cannot solve a problem if you fail to identify the root of the problem.

  14. Greg Munson says:

    This is what got Rudy Guiliani elected – it’s the classic NYCity cycle – Democrats muck things up for 25 years, then NYers throw them out and elect a Republican mayor who, of course, fixes it up. Fast forward to the next generation of voters who think somehow the city is clean and orderly by magic, they revert to form and elect a Democrat mayor. Within 3 years the city deteriorates back to the jungle and the cycle repeats.

    The solution is to require every NY elected official to spend 1 hour of each day on a subway line chosen for them.

  15. Billy Boyardee says:

    Another Democrat utopia… why would anyone ever want to live in NYC in the first place?

    Dirty, smelly, crowded, sardines have more room in their can. If your “apartment” is less than 1000 sq. ft., we call that a “closet” here in Scottsdale…

    1. Flynn McMahon says:

      I lived in Scottsdale for five years. Love the winters but an empty soulless place and your kind of talk is one of the first things I noticed; i.e. money, money, money, how much do you have, how much do you make, and what a great person you must be because of all the money. And BTW, I’m a registered Republican.

      1. Rufus Beauregard says:

        Reading the comment to which you replied, I don’t see ANY mention of money, anywhere.

  16. Peter York says:

    no problem. just vote democrat.

  17. John Mattaboni says:

    And now that NY is giving away “free” health care, I’m sure the homeless and illegals will be packing in. Heck, I’m tempted to hire buses to ship them in from Philadelphia so they can claim their human right to free health care. It’s only fair.

  18. Doug Day says:

    Elections have consequences.

  19. Angelo Valentino says:

    This is what happens when you have a economy captured by banker elites and no real wealth creation, industry or job creation, just wealth re-distribution to the 1% insider crooks of Wall Street.

  20. Tom Frederiksen says:

    NY is a blue state so I don’t care how stupid their mass transit operates. If it happened where I live, I would throw their ass off with all their stuff. Don’t complain and don’t explain. Solve your own problem don’t expect government to do anything constructive.

  21. Danny Johnson says:

    This what happens when Democrats are in charge of cities.

  22. James Vaught says:

    Everyone is ignoring the real problem, which is automation. It (automation) is destroying purchasing power. Automation is the metastatic cancer of economics.

    1. Plarp Zootie says:

      Kill the poor, they have never done anything for the world, and are just parasites on the wealthy.

  23. Don Derflinger says:

    You get what you vote for.

  24. Jewell Lundgren says:

    The solution: Route all of the Caravans to the heart of liberal land. Add another million homeless to the mix and the subways will always be full. The additional cost of running subways with freeloaders will easily be subsidizes with tax payer money. Liberals are in favor of increasing taxes and since 90% of operating costs are from taxes anyway, it will be a small increase.

    1. Robert W Nagel says:

      Another million illegals translate into two extra representatives and two extra electoral votes. Quite the quandary.

  25. Richard Krumm says:

    “Subway Riders Demanding Answers”!!!

    Look no further; I can provide the answer with a single name. Bill de Blasio.

  26. Mike Gieser says:

    AOC wants the conductors to hand out free mattresses.

  27. Richard Edison says:

    NYC elected a Sandinista communist as mayor. What did you expect????

  28. Richard Edison says:

    ARREST THE VAGRANTS! Not only do they take up an entire bench but they have horrific body odor.

  29. Raúl Williams says:

    Why would you tell a train conductor about homeless? You tell a cop. Don’t they have subway cops there anymore or are they all in a control room? I lived there in the low life 1970s and there were cops on the train platforms.

  30. Chuck Curry says:

    If you build it, they will come.

  31. Glen Robison says:

    I’m a little fuzzy here, but can someone tell me which party runs this city? Also, San Francisco, Detroit, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Seattle? Asking for a friend.

    1. Richard Davidson says:

      Left NYC years ago! One of the smartest things I ever did in my life,,DiBlasio has turned it into a veritable sheithole!

  32. Stu Pedasso says:

    Nice job DiBlasio.

  33. This is what you voted for Enjoy.

  34. Terrence Jeffrey Johnson says:

    Arrest these BUMS for vagrancy and toss the crazy ones in the nut house where they belong.

  35. Paul Roberts says:

    The Mayor of NY is doing a great job as you can see. Please keep electing progressive Liberals but don’t complain about vagrants and homeless sleeping on the subway cars. YOU VOTED FOR IT.

  36. I think it’s time to re-imagine the oldtime workhouse and poor farm. Why not send all of these people to facilities to sober up, receive mental health evaluations and then be released or committed.

    If the able-bodied return to the streets and use drugs and/or commit crimes send them to real jail.

    Seems pretty simple

    1. Paul Roberts says:

      You are absolutely correct! That would be the correct caring thing to do. However that is not in the budget. They need to import more people from the middle east and Mexico to compete for services. I doubt that NY legal citizens are included in that budget.

  37. Thomas M. Floyd Jr. says:

    New Yorkers are reaping what they sowed with their liberal mentality and electing democrat mayors and governors. Deal with it, you’ll get no sympathy from me.

  38. Tim Cogswell says:

    Elections have consequences people… you have only yourselves to blame.

  39. Jonah Kyle says:

    Don’t laugh. AOC and company want to bring this type of behavior to YOUR town.

  40. Robert Hunter says:

    But, God forbid, you are a male and take up more than what is considered your share of any seat by ” manspreading”! But they allow the homeless to lie and sleep anywhere rather than provide decent shelters for them. This is the politically correct way of liberal governing.

  41. Rerun Danger says:

    can’t they all stay at Blasio’s house?? where are all your NYC liberals to open your bedrooms to these humans

  42. Why don’t they ‘demand answers’ as to why their government allows landlords, developers, NIMBERs and gentrifiers to jack rents up so high people can’t afford to live anywhere? Perhaps the homeless are COLD and don’t want to freeze to death outside. For a so called “Progressive” city, people sure are disgustingly cold hearted and hateful to the less fortunate.

    1. Patrick Kiernan says:

      Given your handle, I expected better. The TRUTH is that NYC is rent controlled, so no, nobody is raising rents. And as a consequence, they are not building affordable new housing. Rent control is just another lib disastrous policy.

  43. Didn’t you elect a communist for a Mayor after having a Billionaire socialist for a Mayor? You can’t fix stupid. Try owning your fail.

  44. Charles W Wibel says:

    Time for a Rudy type administration to return to NYC.

  45. Larry Waltz says:

    Heartless people. Where else are they going to go?

  46. They get away with it so of course they are not going to stop, it’s going to get worse and worse because no one in power cares. Of course those in power live behind walls and are not affected.

  47. Stehr Va says:

    Well you have NYC-a liberal bed of hatred + liberals cause this problem and scream about it + liberals do nothing about it except complain. You idiots choose to live in this cesspool deal with it.

  48. Mark Turpin says:

    People do what they are allowed to get away with. Is there any surprise that with De Blasio as mayor they are allowed to take over subway cars? Next it will be your living room.

  49. Kevin Tucker says:

    At least none of the transients were wearing MAGA hats.

  50. Rockman Gibbs says:

    wanna know why they on the train sleep? cause wherever the city or government puts them is like prison and the food is like prison and the attitude is like prison=they dont separate the felons from non crime committers=people from prison people crazy/insane drug users rapist be there

    1. suboxdoc says:

      Gee maybe we should give them all houses in the Hamptons. Funny how NYC and San Francisco, Lands of the Left, expect the least from human beings. Oops you pooped your pants – can you move over just a little please?

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