NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – More and more millennials are ditching the doctor and many don’t even have a primary care physician, according to a survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Some doctors say this could lead to people overlooking serious health issues.

Dr. Niket Sonpal, adjunct assistant professor at Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine, joined CBSN New York’s Janelle Burrell to explain what’s behind this health trend.

“I think there’s a few reasons. I think the primary one happens to be access to care,” he said. “We found that millennials tend to want to have access to care right away, they want it immediately and they want to be able to see a doctor quickly.”

“When they feel well, they don’t want to go to the doctors, and they don’t,” he continued. “So then when they feel unwell, they’re like I want to see a doctor right away and not wait for weeks for an appointment.”

So what are the dangers of skipping the doctor’s office and opting for urgent care instead?

“The big one that we’re worried about now, and I think it’s a big global health crisis, is not getting their vaccinations on time.”

They’re also missing recommended health exams, like blood pressure, eye, IBS and digestives, mental health and annual check-ups.

“Go see a doctor every year. It might just be a quick check, but it could find something that’s missing,” said Dr. Sonpal. “And, of course, get your vaccinations.”

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  1. Walter Kryshak says:

    Millenials—Keep your kids away from doctors too.

    Those who are most concerned about the decreasing vaccination rates are those who derive their income from manufacturing or selling vaccines.

    In fact, most pediatricians—nothing more than vaccine salespeople—hate anti-vaccine parents, that’s for sure. And that’s because we’re cutting into their business.

    Pediatricians are the lowest paid medical specialty. THEY HAVE TO SELL VACCINES OR THEY WOULD ALL GO BANKRUPT. And here’s why they have to throw non-vaccinating children out of their medical practices…

    The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is a trade organization that represents pediatricians. Their only focus is to keep pediatricians employed—and well fed. Your child is a means to that end. Nothing more—no matter what they proclaim. The APP is not a benevolent organization, except to pediatricians.

    Here’s the real reason why the American Academy of Pediatricians and their member-pediatricians pressure parents into vaccinating their children—and why pediatricians have to throw non-vaccinating children out of their medical practices. It’s not about keeping your children healthy—it’s all about the money!


    Blue Cross/Blue Shield will give your pediatrician $400 for each child in their practice who is fully up to date on their vaccines by age 2. But THE PEDIATRIC PRACTICE HAS TO MAINTAIN A 63% VACCINATION RATE OR THEY DO NOT RECEIVE THEIR BONUS (including flu vaccines that have been proven not to work!) or else they won’t receive the payout. This is why pediatricians are throwing parents/children out of their practice for not vaccinating. Unvaccinated kids affect the ratio—50/50 and he doesn’t get his bonus. So clearly it’s not about your child’s health at all. It’s all about profits.

    If the average pediatric practice has 1,000 children, that’s a bonus of $400,000! That’s on top of what the pediatrician receives for office visits. That’s a HUGE incentive to push vaccines at every visit. And when more and more parents are waking up to the dangers and ineffectiveness of vaccines, this eats away at their “incentives”.

    Want proof?—
    Read page 15 of the Blue Cross/Blue Shield Physicians “Performance Recognition” Manual—

  2. Walter Kryshak says:

    Ditching doctors is the best thing you can do for your health. The less contact the better—unless you have an immediate need or trauma. Checkups are a way to get you on unnecessary pharmaceuticals.

    And we should trust doctors why?…


    Considering that iatrogenic causes (doctor errors, toxic pharmaceuticals used as prescribed, and dirty hospitals) are the 3rd leading cause of death in America, shouldn’t somebody be enacting laws that protect Americans from doctors and the pharmaceutical industry?

  3. Someone needs to teach all voters that democrats and single payer national healthcare would create appointment wait times much worse than the current DMV. Absolutely contrary to the quick turnarounds sought by millennials.

  4. Kevin Rogers says:

    I had high blood pressure, and am glad it was picked up early by my doctor. I ate right, exercised, and kept my body weight at the prescribed level, but high bp is in the family. I have relatives who did not treat their high bp in time, and suffered strokes and heart problems. I have my regular colonoscopy, and they found something early on in my last colonoscopy, which they removed during the colonoscopy, without my knowing anything was amiss, so there is some value to preventative medicine, and it should not be discounted out of hand. The trick is, is to find a doctor that practices the art of medicine, as opposed to the science of medicine, IMHO.

  5. David L. Stinson says:

    Sounds like Darwin in action, filtering-out the stupid. Thumbs up!

  6. Lorraine Michaels says:

    I agree with skipping the yearly checkups. I am 66 and haven’t had a medical checkup my entire life. Of course I eat well, exercise and have a good mental attitude. Consequently, I stay healthy and don’t get the yearly colds. Educating people how to take care of themselves is the key, not promoting doctors to tell you when something is wrong with you. It is your body and you need to take care of it and learn your own particular body needs and diet. The result is a good life without harmful medications, needless or painful operations, and enormous medical expenses.

    1. Bill Kennettle says:

      I agree.You have the correct approach. I live in Canada and all my health care is free and I still don’t have a primary care doctor. Take no medications and I am far healthier than other 68 year olds. People tell me I look at least 10 years younger than my age.

  7. Justin Mayes says:

    I am 34 and personally avoid the doctor. Then again, I am a daily distance runner, eat right, maintain a healthy weight, don’t smoke and don’t drink to excess. Any time I have gone to the doctor in the last several years for my migraines, I was treated like someone who was begging for pain meds and ushered out the door. Let’s face it: the healthcare system is about pushing new treatments on patients instead of what has historically worked. Big pharma wants these “new drugs” to be given to patients in hopes that they get long term use out of them. Insert the presidents war on opioids and now you’ve got a government who is at odds with big pharma and the chronic pain sufferers are the ones paying the cost.

  8. Harry Kallehan says:


    Preventive care is bull$$hit.
    Why go to a doctor if you have no ill effects?
    Do you unblock your toilet when it’s not blocked?
    Do you paint your car when it looks perfect?
    Then you should go to a doctor when you’re not sick.


    1. Plarp Zootie says:

      Vaccination when you aren’t even sick? Stupid.


  9. malewurmhole says:

    While it is good to have a doctor you can go to, our medical system does not make that easy. Measuring by time and money. Add to that you don’t get sick when you are young unless you are sickly. Add to that there is at least a perception the healthy are there to cover the cost of the sickly and indigent in the off chance we may one day be the sickly or indigent.

    Of course, it doesn’t help the doctor quoted for this article sounds more like a salesman.

  10. I can’t blame millennials. Even the snowflakes know, when their money is melting faster than it’s coming in, it’s time to ditch the money pit.

    Obamacare was supposed to be the nirvana of healthcare. Turned out to be just another scam, but one with a planned metastasis courtesy of the impostor president, who made sure it would be an incurable terminal cancer on the economy that will consumeus all after he’s safely out of office.

  11. I find a good ND (Naturopathic Doctor) far better for maintaining health than an MD who only knows how to cut, burn or poison someone. I would rather stay healthy than get sick enough for a Medical Doctor to find it. ND’s work with your body to give it what is needs to stay healthy or get healthy. For example, if you have acid indigestion an MD will prescribe something that shuts down your digestive system to stop the heartburn, an ND will get your digestive system working properly again so you will no longer get heartburn.

    1. If you are healthy with no issues, a Naturopathic Doctor will be happy to take your money for practically nothing in return. When you have a serious health problem you better go to a real doctor.

      1. tomkay1012 says:

        Yes, I suggest we all stay clear of Dr. Miss Information.

  12. Mary Keys says:

    Better off taking the best care of yourself possible to avoid EVER going to the doctor. I refuse to give the medical establishment my hard earned cash. Not to mention, they want your estate when you die because they take everything if you are put into a nursing home.

  13. David Coker says:

    You know why it is called “Practicing Medicine”? Because you are the guinea pig and they are practicing on you. The pharmaceutical companies just care about making money. If they injure you in the process. Well that is just the cost of doing business. The wealthy that own damn near everything make money when people are sick and in need of their trash medicine. Healthy people aren’t a dependable revenue stream.

  14. Yvonne Heuter says:

    I don’t think this is any big news. I am over sixty so I remember when H.C. was actually free (paid by employers) and I never went to the doctor for routine checkups–only when something was wrong. Now that H.C. is so expensive, why would the youth today be any different?

  15. Peter Binaxas says:

    Doc gonna have to find another way to make that BMW pymt

  16. Patrick Stewart says:

    They do not want to wait for weeks for an appointment? wait for the free medical you think you are entitled to and see how long you wait!

  17. Robert Quinn says:

    “millennials want it right away” What a surprise !

  18. Chuck Curry says:

    “There are more old drunks than old doctors”

    – Benjamin Franklin

  19. Jordan Fernald says:

    I’m an American and I have a choice, right? F**k off and let me make bad decisions. quit telling me what I need and don’t need.

  20. Roger Edward Harris says:

    I looked at by Insurance Claims for the year. Doctors charged over 45K and that does not include my medicine. I can’t help but feel WTF, I haven’t even bee hospitalized. I am beginning to feel like a Debit Card for an Insurance ATM being refereed and referred. This year I am not going to say diddly to my doctor and see how much get charged to the insurance company.

  21. Jason Ledd says:

    Ha, ha, some people are clearly aware of the facts.
    No. 3 cause of death in USA is US Healthcare system due to “mistakes”, and they admit it.
    No. 4 cause of death are side effects of properly used Pharma drugs, not including opioid abuse of any other abuse.
    No. 1 cause of death is heart disease, which is also caused by US Healthcare system. They can’t make money chasing the real cause, which is high level of homocysteine and easily cured with Vitamin B complex and more salad for folate. So they treat a symptom by reducing cholesterol, which everyone needs badly and should not be reduced.
    No. 2 cause of death is cancer, also caused by US Healthcare system due to vaccinations. According to vice president of British Children’s Cancer Hospital, “the chief reason for increase in cancers is vaccination”. Vaccines are grown in pus from various animals and the pus contains viruses that are too small to be filtered. Some of these viruses cause cancer.

    US Healthcare system is emergency medicine to be used in emergencies, only. Then the risk of death might be required. Knowing the facts, who with any brains wouldn’t ditch the doctor?
    Don’t be their next “mistake”.

    1. James M Gensch says:

      Thank you Gary Null.

  22. Of course this turns out to be vaccine propaganda. The main reason they are skipping out is because doctors are useless and a waste of money. Oh yeah, and they want to shoot you up with live viruses.

    1. Brian Kite says:

      The greatest down-side of this trend will be millenials’ failure to vaccinate their children. This is happening in greater numbers and many diseases that were largely irradicated (i.e. measles, pertussis, and polio) are now making a comeback in the US. They appear to be the most susceptible to misinformation spread by the “anti-vax” community.

  23. Steve Wilson says:

    This is good for Social Security. They will die before they collect. Thanks guys…….

  24. Never going has its benefits. No precondition diagnosis, avoiding the “noncompliant” label.

  25. Let me here one more time how millennials “WANT IT NOW!”, that is except for: moving out of Mom’s house, putting their bong down, bathing, and getting a *real job*, all that can WAIT forever with the most worthless generation.

  26. Alben Parkley says:

    Keep your weight down, exercise and stay away from doctors. Signed, Dr SMJ (35 years since med school).

  27. Doctors on call will send one to your home for $100 to $200 dollars.

  28. Rose Coveney says:

    When your healthy, why would you bother to see a doctor? Also, How many people have to get sick and die from vaccinations before doctors and Big Pharma, and the FDA are made responsible for this abomination. This has been proven many times and they STILL pull this bulls**t like there is no evidence.

  29. Donna Linguiti Hanson says:

    I can see the frustration when they do want to see a doctor and they can’t get an appointment for weeks, what are you supposed to do? This happened to my daughter, she is fortunate enough to have good insurance but when she needed a doctor none of them was taking new patients. Even if you go once a year when you’re well for a check up-that doesn’t help you when you’re sick and you need to see someone right away.

  30. Paul Bristol says:

    Jeez they’re 30 years old. They don’t need a doctor. When they’re 60 they’ll see the doctor.

  31. Neil E. Lynch says:

    Their choice.
    laissez faire: a policy or attitude of letting things take their own course, without interfering.

    Like a Greek tragedy, more lives will be short and intense.

    See “remorse”

  32. tngilmer says:

    Given how nuts the young are these days (Tide pod challenge, AOC, etc), maybe this will clense the gene pool of some stupidity.

  33. Your primary care doctor is about to be replaced by technology and AI. Additionally since Obamacare did absolutely nothing to address access to health care and was all about who pays and manages the money involved with healthcare, along with the criminal AMA that wants to keep doctor billable rates up, how can anyone be surprised by this.

  34. Harold Riley says:

    Looks better for voting patterns for the pro-liberty side going forward if this continues.

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