NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — CBS2 on Monday showed you the tricky traffic pattern causing a hazard on 11th Avenue near the Lincoln Tunnel in Manhattan.

The major thoroughfare was repaved back in December, but for weeks the white lines that mark the lanes have been missing.

“You’re very confused, you don’t know which way to go,” one driver said.

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CBS2’s Lisa Rozner demanded answers on the dangerous guessing game from Commissioner Polly Trottenberg of the city’s Department of Transportation.

“I think what happened was it was an important street we wanted to resurface, we wound up doing it late in the season and once the weather starts to turn cold and snowy it gets hard to put down the markings,” Trottenberg said.

So why weren’t they painted in December, when the temperatures were warmer?

“We just had a problem with the temperature, and one thing we’re going to do going forward I think is on major corridors like that, make sure we do that paving work earlier in the season,” Trottenberg said.

Eddie Tapia, manager of Tremont Paint in the Bronx, says it’s long been printed right on the traffic paint packaging, which is often water based.

“Remember, water freezes at 32 degrees,” Tapia said. “Hence why this paint wouldn’t be ideal to apply today. It wouldn’t dry properly.”

Even in emergencies, Nick Siciliano — who stripes asphalt for Nationwide Maintenance in Bedford Hills, says it can be done but it just won’t be permanent.

“By the summer or spring, it’ll be gone again,” Siciliano said.

At least, in that case, it would be safe for now.

After bringing it to the DOT’s attention, Trottenberg says the agency is hoping to put down temporary markings by Friday. She adds once the weather warms up in the spring, they’ll go through again and put permanent paint.