JERSEY CITY (CBSNewYork) – A man took his car in for repairs, and then mechanics took it out for a joy ride.

The men were supposed to be making repairs, but the owner of the car caught them red-handed on the road.

How do we know?

Dash cam video from the car shows the high-speed ride, without the owner.

It’s like the scene in the 1986 movie “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” only this is real life.

“It was upsetting. I was hot headed for three days, to be honest,” said car owner Suhail Sood of Union City.

The problem, says Sood, 30, is that the 2016 Mustang GT was supposed to be in the garage at Stevens Jersey City Ford being repaired. Instead some employees at the dealership took it for that joy ride for at least 15 minutes, never knowing Sood installed a dash cam and they were being recorded.

“The got the wrong guy test driving this car,” one of the unwelcome drivers said.

“There’s a dash cam. It’s flashing lights. It’s beeping, making noises, and these guys are not even bothered.”

Sood says it happened last week, and that while he was at the dealership waiting for his car to be repaired employees told him they had to take the car out for a “test drive.” After Sood took the car home, he checked his dash cam and saw what happened: The car being gunned at a high rate of speed, and the driver even stopping to pick up a friend to join in.

Angry, Sood says he confronted the dealership and told them about the incident and the video, CBS2’s Scott Rapoport reported.

They demanded he prove it.

Sood posted the video on Facebook, after he says he was promised a refund, but never received it.

The dealership, which refused to speak on camera, says it has a refund check for $379 waiting for him and apologizes for the joy ride. The two sides say they disagree on the amount of compensation Sood should receive, but say they’re attempting to reach a compromise and come to a mutual agreement.

The three employees have been fired over the incident.


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