Idea Is To Protect Garden State's Streams, Rivers And Bays From Potentially Toxic Storm Runoff From Salt And Lawn Fertilizers

ELIZABETH, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — New Jersey is one of the highest taxed states in the country.

Now, residents and businesses could be taxed extra … when it rains.

Save it for a rainy day. Some of your hard-earned dollars may be taken away as the weather turns ugly and rain drops fall on the Garden State. A new bill calls for the creation of local or regional storm water utilities, giving local counties and municipalities the power to collect a tax from properties with large paved surfaces such as parking lots, CBS2’s Meg Baker reported.

That’s businesses and homeowners.

The bill passed in the Senate and the Assembly and is now headed to Gov. Phil Murphy’s desk.

“With all the salt that we’ve had on roads recently, that’s all running into the sewer systems. So you can’t ignore problems because they don’t go away,” Senate President Steve Sweeney said.

Sweeney said most states already have storm water utilities that collect and filter runoff from storms. In New Jersey, the runoff goes directly into streams, rivers and bays, carrying with it pollution like lawn fertilizers that contaminate the waterways.

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Former governor and current state Sen. Richard Codey said it’s necessary.

“A lot of our economy is based on, obviously, the shore. We gotta make sure we keep it that way,” Codey said.

Some homeowners aren’t a fan of the plan, either.

“They are crazy. As it is, there are too much taxes in New Jersey,” Elizabeth resident Ramon Columna said. “Why would we want more taxes especially on cement, ya know?”

“Our homeowner’s taxes are as high as they can possibly be. They shouldn’t go any higher. It’s not fair,” resident Leslie Cedillo added.

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Some Republicans have dubbed the bill the “Rain Tax,” saying another tax makes New Jersey even more unaffordable, and state Sen. Tom Kean Jr. agrees.

“We all want to protect our environment. We all want to preserve it for future generations. But this is a weighted tax. The citizens of New Jersey … really with no oversight and no way to defend themselves against tax increases at local levels,” Kean said.

When asked what he would say to taxpayers who say they cannot afford another tax, Codey said, “It’s a small cost to live safely.”

Other supporters say creating these utilities would help reduce flooding caused by storms.

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  1. Ken Howser says:

    So you vote Democrats into office and they tax the crap out of you and then you complain that they tax the crap out of you and you then vote Democrat again and then they tax you more and you complain and then you vote Democrat. Wash, rinse, repeat.

    1. Bren Ke says:

      Is It A Good Idea To Tax People When It Rains?

      As a Texan I think it is wonderful that New Jersey is doing this.

      Every time you raise taxes in New Jersey, you encourage companies to leave N.J. and move to places like Texas, or Florida, or Alabama… and let me tell you, we are HAPPY to welcome them here… where there are low taxes and no snow.

      So keep sending your jobs our way, and thanks for all the help!!

      1. Daniel Lamonte says:

        The only problem is, workers have to live in states like Texas, Alabama and Florida.

        1. Yeah sure…I’m a former New Jersey resident crying all the way to my Florida bank!

        2. Mike Rao says:

          Former NY Resident now living in Texas. No Snow, No State Income Tax and fewer stupid liberals.

    2. Walter Miller says:

      These naive snowflakes really believe lib politicians when they say “the only people who will pay more, will be the wealthy.” There are not enough wealthy people on Earth, let alone New Jersey, to fund all the programs libs want to implement.

  2. Don Rhudy says:

    New Jersey, New York, Connecticut—on and on, all you sorry-ass back east states—How can you even call yourselves American!

  3. Erich Soldat says:

    just stop salting the roads – gravel will do fine and will not corrode your car – or learn how to drive in the snow or stay the home…

    1. Gravel instead of salt? Gravel doesn’t work too well to drop the freezing point of water, or in melting existing ice.

  4. Joe Johnson says:

    Commie Ba$tards.

  5. Ted Holtz says:

    So let me get this straight . . . the state salts the roads in winter with taxpayer funds, then it rains in the spring, then the state taxes the taxpayers for polluting the runoff water with salt???? Yeah, this is definitely left wing logic.

  6. Robert McCauley says:

    Maybe if they stopped spraying the skys with heavy metals there wouldn’t be ant toxic runoff.

  7. Traylor Trasch says:

    Left NJ 19 years ago. No air/noise/light pollution. No nosy micromanaging neighbors. No militarized police with their warrantless roadblocks and no knock raids. Property tax on my Mom’s house in 2008- $18,000.00

  8. Joe Noto says:

    I left NJ in 1991. They tax you in ways that hide the fact that it’s a tax. Ever here of an insurance surcharge?? This is where you have to pay a 2nd fine for a ticket that you already paid for in court..And it’s not cheap. I was paying $1100 a year for 3 years on tickets I already paid for. Many people pay much, much more. What a bunch of crooks!!

    1. Dan Raidt says:

      Left in 1996 never looked back, My real estate tax was 2300 than now that home is 12000+, Moved into a better home here taxes than was 950 +- now they are 875

  9. Bill Loyal says:

    This is the new face of the DEMOCRAT PARTY, they tax everything and ban everything. They need to be laughed out of office from now one but I have little hope for NJ as its a slave state, everyone is a slave to the government there.

  10. Roger Lepus says:

    These NJ Democrats are complete idiots. This was done here in Maryland. If failed miserably. It destroyed peoples property values and investment. It bankrupted some real estate companies. It screwed home owners. It had to be repealed. A Republican Governor got it repealed. Democrats are out to destroy. That is all. You would think these idiots in NJ would have looked at what happened here. What a bunch of morons.

  11. Boomer Smythe says:

    OK, so no one asks WHY jurisdictions all over the country have been forming storm water utilities the past several years (this NJ thing is not unique, or even news-worthy, frankly) and started charging storm water fees. Because the US EPA has enacted and is enforcing draconian regulations on storm water runoff, combined sewer overflows, etc. Some larger jurisdictions (Columbus and Cincinnati, Ohio) have had to spend in excess of $1 Billion EACH to just START to come into compliance. Someone’s gotta’ pay for it. Fact, not opinion.

    1. Fact: stupid idea. Fact II: stupid idea generated by EPA, making it an even more stupid and very costly idea.

  12. Garbage like this is just one of the reasons I have moved out of NJ. The governor is a moron. That goes for all of the leftist politicians too. Come on down, the taxes are sane. NJ, NY Connecticut, last one out, turn off the lights.

  13. Rerun Danger says:

    “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”

  14. George Thompson says:

    I left NJ 23 years ago due to high tax’s THEN. Scary what is going on now. So glad I am gone….

  15. Gil Stonebarger says:

    keep voting democrat…you DESERVE to be taxed out of your minds

  16. Thomas Dean Johnston Jr says:

    Sweeney said most states already have storm water utilities that collect and filter runoff from storms. In New Jersey, the runoff goes directly into streams, rivers and bays, carrying with it pollution like lawn fertilizers that contaminate the waterways. then outlaw lawn fertilizers

  17. Why are they fertilizing the roads in NJ, our roads in PA seem to grow just fine without the fertilizer

  18. Martin Fox says:

    The Feds, State and local government own the largest paved surface, the road system. Let them justify taxing that without shifting the burden to citizens. Ooops!

    1. Jaime Mendez says:

      That makes too much sense for the Demorats.

  19. Wa Nay Ners says:

    The State of New Jersey is the one putting all the salt down on its State Roads and State and Interstate Highways! I guess they get a free pass while the little guy pays for them!

  20. Sandy Johnson says:

    Stop using salt, morons.

  21. Dan Komperda says:

    Good job New Jersey. I hope you increase the sales tax and property taxes to help pay for a new building and bronze statue to honor the hard working men and women of the government and especially the government bureaucrats.

  22. John D Ripper says:

    Why not put a tax on bags of rock salt and fertilizers instead. Then they be taxing the actual chemicals that cause this problem, instead of setting up a conduit to tax Everyone?

  23. Keep electing left-wing democrats and this what you will get every time–taxes, lots and lots of taxes.

  24. Paully Revere says:

    Next week, they will tax the air you inhale!

  25. Socialists have unlimited schemes to soak taxpayers. Rain tax. Soak. Get it?

    By the way, the runoff will be the same and the water quality unchanged.

  26. Parking lots add to global warming by absorbing heat and re-radiating it at night, tax those parking lots

  27. Here’s a thought. How about not putting salt and brine on the roads. Find something else.

    1. Joe Greenwell says:

      Wow a solution that solves the problem and saves money. If only politicians had this clearity of thought.

      1. Frank Dilliard says:

        But the point of the rain tax is to get taxes. The salt runoff is just their excuse. If you take their excuse away they’ll have to find some other reason for taking your money away….and after all that hard work that they put into this latest con game……

  28. Jerrod Mason says:

    Fran Lebowicz on the secret to happiness: “First get out of New Jersey.”

  29. Tex Taylor says:

    NJ loves Democrats. So therefore, I have zero sympathies for the NJ tax rates. Take it good and hard, Jerseyites. This isn’t your politicians overtaxing. This is your majority voters too stupid to understand why they are broke.

    And do the rest of us flyover hillbillies a favor. When the load becomes too much to bear, move to another blue state as you take your profoundly ignorant voting pattern with you when you leave.

  30. Bill Surina says:

    You know what. When the sun shines it contributes to warming. if the libs get away with this one sunshine may be next. Add more taxes to the highest taxed state in America. That is smart. Works until the only people left in New Jersey are people who pay no taxes.

  31. James Scott Taylor says:

    Ain’t socialism grand?

  32. Todd Suraci says:

    My favorite quote from this piece:

    The citizens of New Jersey … really with no oversight and no way to defend themselves against tax increases at local levels,” Kean said.

    You could try not electing Democrats. Just a thought.

    1. Roy Stauffer says:

      just look at Menedez getting reelected and Murphy getting elected
      when the party can’t unite behind one person it will continue to fail and that takes leadership to unite
      these fools vote or in Murphys case didn’t get out and vote and we all get screwed then they move out of state and screw the new state they moved to up

  33. Welcome to the new leftist utopia. Ain’t it grand?

  34. Jim Brock says:

    I lived in New Jersey in the 1950s. Beautiful state. Wonderful people. Again in the late 1960s. Same experience. Wonder what happened.

  35. MH Thomas says:

    But I’m guessing NJ voters are fine with the Democrats, insane proposition to raise taxes on “the rich” to 90%.

  36. Arthur Kelly says:

    Look out NJ. The soda tax is coming next.

  37. Bill Brouse says:

    What’s next a tax on breathing? God forbid you introduce more CO2 into the atmosphere….

    1. John Newhouse says:

      Please don’t give them anymore ideas. Your post was funny, and we all had a good laugh, but somewhere there’s a Leftists who just said, “Hold my craft beer that was produced by wind energy.”

  38. Vincent Ardizzone says:

    Hey New Jersey, you voted for a democrat governor. What did you expect?

    1. Patrick Ruttster says:

      Only the dirty areas voted for a democrat. The republicans put up a bad choice so we got stuck with a socialist.

    2. Steve Bourg says:

      Copying Chicago and the state of ILL. Tax homeowners to death then they can’t sell their houses to flee the state.
      Rain Tax — most salt is put ON ROADS by state and local govt in every state, maybe they should tax themselves. Seriously, the financial-fascism by govt and greed for money from taxpayers never ends. Any real Republican is better than Democrat legislators.

  39. H-Oh, Baby this town rips the bones from your back
    It’s a death trap, it’s a suicide rap
    We gotta get out while we’re young
    `Cause tramps like us, baby we were born to run

    1. Jay Spears says:

      LMAO! Good one!

  40. Vinny NastyDwarf says:

    And yet another example of your votes meaning nothing. No matter who you vote for the only thing that seems constant is that greed and power rein supreme and us bottom feeders just shrug our shoulders and keep paying. Every state is making money hand over fist and they always need more. Maybe just maybe its time to burn it all down and get rid of all of these politicians and put business majors right out of college to work for the people lol.

  41. Roger Lepus says:

    We had a “rain tax” here in Maryland. It was a total failure and had to be repealed. It was just another way to steal money from taxpayers. Apparently the elected officials in NJ are either ignorant of reality or visciously stupid. I go with both.

  42. Greg Warhol says:

    Get out of NJ while you still have some money and can! RUN! I did!

  43. Jim Thomas says:

    The only problem is that these loud, pushy, obnoxious people from New Jersey are leaving the state and ruining wherever they go.

  44. Maryland, under the Democrat rule of O’Malley, was the first State to try to tax the rain. The pure insanity of the whole concept failed and was repealed based on how stupid it was. Now New Jersey is doing it. Some Governors and State Legislatures are incapable or slow to learn from others. Let’s see how long this insanity last. I know I would NEVER move my business to a Democrat State, especially New Jersey.

  45. You people in NJ are morons. I mean that. Knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing morons.

    Not a cent of this will do anything except pay off government workers.

    Enjoy it. You voted for it.

  46. James Durkin says:

    You don’t have to live there, you know. One thing is for certain – the left is going to keep on raising your taxes, period. If you stay in the People’s Republic of New Jerset $hi*hole, frankly, you deserve what you get, because you keep on electing the same people to office. A second thing is also for certain – people with resources won’t take that crap, and they are going to get out as soon as they can – guess who will be left holding the bag?!?!

  47. Pete Dosado says:

    New Jersey will tax air next! You breath, you pay! You don’t pay, you die!

  48. tngilmer says:

    The Democrats have never found a tax that they did not like.

  49. David King says:

    Have you had enough of politician taking your money ? Maybe its time to take away them from this earth .

  50. Let me tell you how it will be
    There’s one for you, nineteen for me
    ‘Cause I’m the taxman, yeah, I’m the taxman

    Should five per cent appear too small
    Be thankful I don’t take it all
    ‘Cause I’m the taxman, yeah I’m the taxman

    If you drive a car, I’ll tax the street,
    If you try to sit, I’ll tax your seat.
    If you get too cold I’ll tax the heat,
    If you take a walk, I’ll tax your feet.

    Don’t ask me what I want it for
    If you don’t want to pay some more
    ‘Cause I’m the taxman, yeah, I’m the taxman

    Now my advice for those who die
    Declare the pennies on your eyes
    ‘Cause I’m the taxman, yeah, I’m the taxman
    And you’re working for no one but me.

    1. Bailey Moad says:

      You are correct

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