Animal Rights Group To Demonstrate Against What It Says Is Kennel Club's Advocacy Of Breeding Purebred Dogs

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — It seems members of the animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals are about to make their presence felt at the most prestigious dog show in the world.

Starting Tuesday, PETA will be staging a protest outside of Madison Square Garden, where the final day of the 143rd Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show will culminate with live coverage of the Best in Show award. It staged a similar demonstration last year.

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Westminster Dog Show

An Afghan Hound waits in the benching area during the daytime session in the breed judging across the hound, toy, non-sporting and herding groups at the 143rd Annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show at Pier 92/94 in New York City on Feb. 11, 2019. (Photo: Timothy A. Clary/AFP/Getty Images)

In a release, PETA said it is protesting the event because the Kennel Club encourages the breeding of purebred dogs when millions of homeless animals have to be euthanized in animal shelters every year. Supporters plan to hold signs that read, “Breeders Kill Shelter Dogs’ Chances,” and will stand behind what the group said will be a mound of “blood”-soaked “dead dogs.”

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“Large-scale breeding farms, puppy-mill brokers, auctioneers, and pet-store owners all cash in on the demand for purebred puppies, who are produced en masse after a Best in Show win,” PETA added in the release.

“At a time when overrun animal shelters are prompting forward-thinking states such as California to ban the retail sale of dogs, the Westminster Kennel Club is still encouraging breeders to churn out litter after litter of purebred puppies,” PETA Senior VP Daphna Nachminovitch said. “PETA urges everyone who cares about animals to support their local animal shelter, skip the dog show, and never buy an animal from a pet store or breeder.”

Breed judging began Monday at the illustrious show in New York. More than 2,800 dogs in 203 breeds and varieties were signed up to compete over two days.

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  1. I agree with PETA. We do not need to be breeding dogs when the shelters are filled to the brim with animals waiting to be adopted.

  2. Debbie Pruyn says:

    PETA’s shelter has the highest rate of putting animals to sleep then any other shelter in the country. Given the vast resources that they have at their desposal, they could easily adopt out these animals. A few years ago several PETA workers were caught taking healthy, adoptable animals from various vets in the south under the guise of finding good homes for them. They were, in reality, bringing them to their van, killing them and dumping their bodies in dumpsters. They were caught and convicted. Ingrid Newkirk has said she does not believe in no-kill. She has stated several times that when she worked in shelters she would come in early just to put animals down. PETA’s stance is better dead then fed. Lucy Post has drunk the PETA cool aid. I have worked in rescue for decades and saved thousands of animals. People in rescue have worked vary hard at getting the number of healthy animals dying in shelters down to a fraction of what it once was. The real problem is not the real pure breed breeders. It is the back yard and pitbull breeders. Those are the dogs that fill up every shelter. Not because they are bad dogs but because there are too many of them. 95% of the dogs left to die are these bully breeds. So please, let’s address the real issue not the PETA BS.

  3. Jennofur OConnor says:

    When so many dogs are waiting for a home, to breed more is indefensible. Period.

  4. morganslady says:

    PETA has never saved a dog.. They have a 0% saving rate!!! They also don’t believe in guide dogs for the blind or service dogs. Here is PETA educate yourselves

    1. Lucy Post says:

      That site is run by a front group for the meat industry, which has long tried to smear PETA and other animal protection groups in an attempt to distract from the real issues. See 

      I encourage you to visit PETA’s website to see some of the animals they’ve taken in (including those for whom they’ve found excellent, lifelong homes). PETA provides a painless end for the most desperate cases–animals who are suffering so badly that the only compassionate option is euthanasia. It’s heartbreaking work, but thank God they do it, rather than turning away and letting animals suffer just to make their “numbers” look appealing. Please watch this short video to see some of the animals PETA has helped in its community:

  5. PeTA wants to protest the Westminster Dog Show because of how many animals lose their lives in shelters annually, yet PeTA has the highest euth rate for an organization out there for the animals they intake. Can we say “HYPOCRITICAL”? Yep. Loud and clear.

    Until PETA has a 0% Euth rate, they have no room, and neither do any of you, to protest a PRESTIGIOUS dog show known WORLD WIDE.

    All of you complaining, where are you for fostering? Where are you for educating? Where are you for anything outside of supporting an organization that kills more than any one of these handlers/owners have in their LIVES.

    “Virginia requires all animal shelters to publicly report what they do with their animals. Last year, the euthanasia rate at comparable private shelters in Virginia was only 9.4 percent and the state’s overall rate was 17.3 percent. PETA’s euthanization rate was an astonishing 74 percent in 2017.”

    Let that sink in while the Westminster promotes DOG ADOPTIONS.

    1. Lucy Post says:

      PETA operates one small shelter—a shelter of last resort for animals who need euthanasia to end their suffering (many of whom have been rejected by other facilities). While Westminster promotes breeding and buying dogs, PETA is out there relieving the misery of animals who are suffering and have nowhere else to turn. Please see this: PETA is not a traditional animal shelter.

  6. It’s fitting, since dog shows have blood on their hands. Every time a breeder churns out a new dog, an animal at a shelter loses a chance at a home.

  7. The Westminster Dog Show does contribute to the suffering and death of millions of healthy, beautiful, smart dogs in shelters every year. Purebreeding also causes so many physical problems for the breeds, it is extremely unethical to breed dogs so that they will have what are truly odd characteristics that are almost always to the detriment of the “breed”. So many pure breeding operations have been shown to be literal hell-holes for the dogs they are breeding, kept in filthy cages 24/7, it is time that we take a stand against these breeders so that we can attempt to find homes for the millions of healthy dogs that are euthanized each year for no other reason than overpopulation in shelters. I applaud PETA for bringing this very important issue to light – it takes extreme measures often to really drive a point home, I fully support this effort, thank you PETA!

    1. Rob Bayne says:

      You have any statistical data to prove your emotional response?

  8. Marianne Bessey says:

    Every dog bred is a shelter dog dead.

  9. Kim Marie says:

    I’m glad that PETA is protesting the purebred parade at Westminster. I adopted my gorgeous mixed breed dog from an open-admission shelter and not only has she enriched my family’s life, but she also constantly gets compliments on how cute and healthy she is.

  10. Zachary Toliver says:

    How can anyone support these horrible dog shows that promote “pure” breeds knowing there are countless dogs in shelters across the country? Stop treating dogs like ornaments, they’re living, conscious fellow beings.

  11. Raegan Fogg-diaz says:

    PETA once again taking the easy way out to get their publicity. Instead of going and taking down a dog fighting ring or exposing puppy mills from the source, they pick the most prestigious dog show to try and mess with. Kind of like Taking down the Ringling Brothers Circus when all the little fly by night animal abusing shows continue to do what ever they want. Hey PETA NY has enough trash on the streets, go do something useful.

  12. PETA is right up there with shelters that kill animals. But they love killing animals. They would rather an animal be dead than be a pet in a loving caring home. They are beyond evil.

    1. Ginnette Haven Wilson says:

      where do you think they are getting the bodies.

    2. Lucy Post says:

      Please see this: PETA is not a traditional animal shelter. They operate one small shelter—a shelter of last resort for animals who need euthanasia to end their suffering (many of whom have been rejected by other facilities). There is a big difference between providing a peaceful end to animals who’d otherwise die slowly and painfully and breeding more dogs for profit while shelters are full of dogs desperately needing homes.

  13. Pat Floss says:

    Most, if not all, of the dogs competing at Westminster, come from responsible breeders who not only support breed rescue but who will take back any dog they breed at any point in the dog’s life if the owners cannot keep the dog. Prospective dog owners should be able to choose, without guilt, whether to get a dog from a rescue/shelter or from a breeder (hopefully a responsible one, not a puppy mill or backyard breeder). PETA kills over 90% of the dogs and cats it takes in to its supposed shelter(s).

    1. Lucy Post says:

      Many of the animals PETA takes in have been brought to them by desperate people who request euthanasia for their elderly, dying, suffering cat or dog because they can’t afford this service at a veterinarian’s office. PETA operates a shelter of last resort for animals who need euthanasia to end their suffering (many of whom have been rejected by other facilities). This includes dogs who are aggressive and unadoptable because they have been kept chained their entire lives; feral cats dying of contagious diseases; animals who are wracked with cancer; elderly animals who have no quality of life; and the list goes on. Please watch this short video to see some of the animals PETA has helped in its community:

  14. Rick Owen says:

    we should stack up the dead bodies of Peta members outside instead.

  15. Adopting dogs is the only way to go. I have two wonderful shelter dogs and I’m so happy I chose to adopt rather than shop.

    1. Jen Bird says:

      Did you exchange money for your pets? If so, you did infact shop. You chose what was right for you, and that’s fine. But to march around saying your moral compass is better then others that choose to buy a health tested, temperment tested pure bred puppy is exactly what peta wants. What peta doesn’t want you to know is their actually against owning pets at all. Not your dogs or cats or even a fish for that matter. Ingrid Newkirk thinks all animals should be in the wild with zero human interference. If you enjoy owning a pet, you should figure out who’s side your on.

  16. Walt Thiessen says:

    I love animals as much as anyone, but this approach must be ineffective. If you want to promote homes for animals, promote homes for animals. Don’t promote killing animals.

  17. Lucy Post says:

    It’s true! Shelters are overflowing with loving dogs who desperately need homes. We should not be glorifying “purebreds” or encouraging people to buy from breeders while so many dogs need to be adopted.

    1. Mira Lea Revill-Tardiff says:

      If the Shelters are overflowing, why are they importing dogs from foreign countries?
      Purebred dogs are not the majority when it comes to what ends up in the shelters.
      Instead of demonising breeders, start going after the idiots who are deliberately crossbreeding dogs to create more mutts for the Designer Dog aficionados, or those who are letting their dogs of dubious lineage run loose to get bred by who knows what.

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