FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — Prosecutors say an elderly man was assaulted inside a New Jersey supermarket after he was confronted over a “Make America Great Again” hat he was wearing.

Somerset County Prosecutor Michael Robertson says the 81-year-old Franklin Township man was shopping at the Shop Rite on Elizabeth Avenue Monday afternoon when he was approached regarding his red cap.

The victim was assaulted and sustained minor injuries, according to prosecutors. He declined medical attention at the scene.

No arrests have been made and the investigation is ongoing.

Officials request anyone with information to contact the Somerset County Prosecutor’s Office Major Crimes Unit at (908) 231-7100, or the Franklin Township Police Department at (732) 873-5533 or via the STOPit app. The STOPit app allows citizens to provide anonymous reports including videos and photos. STOPit can be downloaded to your smart phone for free at the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, access code: SOMERSETNJ. Information can also be provided through the Somerset County Crime Stoppers’ Tip Line at 1-888-577-TIPS (8477) or online at or at and click on either “Crime Stoppers” or “TIPS HOTLINE”. All anonymous Crime Stopper tips will be kept confidential.

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  1. Tony Smith says:

    Just checking to see where this happened. Yep, it’s one of the “Axis of Evil” states–New Jersey!

  2. Michael Fallon says:

    Tell them to charge Maxine Waters too. Remember the video of her enciting her followers, to harass Trump officials and supporters? Waters should sit in the same jail.

    1. mjazzguitar says:

      Hillary is guilty, also.

  3. Big Mama says:

    “Intimidation ” a HATE CRIME..wheres FBI?

  4. Time to start charging Left Wing Nutbags with hate crimes for these types of actions.

  5. Jorge Gonzalez says:

    All liberals must hang.

    1. YEAH! Keep spreading that hate, it will do this country a lot of good. Pathetic.

  6. this is fake news, just the right making up stories before the upcoming election to make the left look bad. they are all scared.

    1. Tina Robertson says:

      Where the F have you been the last couple weeks? Under a rock? Please google Jussie Smollet. I can’t even believe you’re accusing MAGA supporters of faking hate crimes.

    2. Brad Kaplan says:

      Your mind is very weak.

    3. Dave Hardesty says:

      Troll alert! Only a troll would make a comment like this whe4n the video evidence is all over th3 place and even the loony liberals know it. Just vying for attention which is what pathetic trolls do.all day for amusement.

    4. Janine Lea says:

      Obviously you didn’t hear about the man in NY who was stabbed to death for wearing a MAGA hat.
      And the Illegal who assaulted a man here in MA the other day, for wearing a MAGA hat.

    5. Kevin Burnett says:

      You don’t need to lie to make the left look bad, junior.

    6. The hell we are. Try us, fool.

  7. MaryAnn Basqua says:

    I don’t care if someone is wearing a hat that says “Children are delicious with ketchup.” The second you raise your hand to another human being for wearing a silly garment, you are in the wrong. You are the one who is violating another’s Constitutional freedom of expression, and you are the one who doesn’t understand what it means to have American values.
    I didn’t vote for Trump. But wrong is wrong, and it doesn’t change according to who’s doing it, or what side of the aisle they’re sitting on.
    We are Americans FIRST. That is what should bind us all together as a people. If I see a Trump supporter having his freedoms violated. I vow I will come to their defense. If I see a leftist suffering the same fate, I will do the same. I hope others will embrace the true American way and make the same vow.
    Arguments and insults will not enlighten anyone. It’s better to do what Jesus would do and lead by example.

  8. Fritz Vondago says:

    Injuring an 81 year old person intentionally in most states is a felony charge! As a concealed carry license holder, if you shoot the stinking animal that does this, its his own fault and what he deserves! Knowing that its a stinking leftest makes it icing on the cake for the shooter.

    1. Mario J. Machado says:

      thumps up

    2. Jeff Smith says:

      Thumbs up!

  9. That hats stands for racism just like the confederate flag and also that hat is not patriotic. If you wear that hat you are saying what it means. Make American Great again. When has America not ever been great. YOU are saying with that hat that American is not Great today, right now!!! THAT IS UNPATRIOTIC!!!

      Says the flag burning communist feral lover.

    2. An example of the left wearing blinders, against anything that is not right in front of them at the time. Signals ignorance and hate, disgusting people.

    3. Timothy Ward says:

      wow your stupidity is astonishing

    4. ALL COMMUNISTS ARE GOING TO BE SLAUGHTERED. IM READY FOR Real War. And I can’t wait to see marxists and communists slaughtered in the streets

    5. Stuart McHardy says:

      Guess you missed the 0bama apology tour – the kow-towing, the scraping, turning backs on allies, the agreement to go soft for Putin after 0bama was re-elected, the failure to uphold laws, the trade deficits, and the enduring recession and high unemployment, and record numbers of people on the dole/welfare?

    6. You from New York? Bet you voted for that jerkwad guv Cuomo who said the EXACT same thing, “America isn’t that great.”

      Get your story straight, little leftie…do you now disagree with the guy you elected as your guv?

    7. Jim M. Ryles says:

      You need mental help….

    8. Ken Mulligan says:

      You stand for stupidity, hatred, racism, anti-Americanism, Communism, and every type of ugliness the left has brought to the world since the early part of the 20th Century. Even Adolf Hitler was a leftist nutjob. Before making silly and fatuous comments on stories like this, research your history. Until then, shut the hell up, you ignoramous.

    9. No, it absolutely doesn’t and anyone who says something so stupid should be shunned and shamed. You are a collossal IDIOT.

    10. Michael Castagna says:

      You are an idiot and have no proof the hat has anything to do with racism. You and your kinf=d are more like Nazi’s. That’s frightening.

  10. Daniel Janus says:

    Are you sure it wasn’t an 81 year old Nigerian with a check for $3500 in his pocket?

  11. Nancy Winter Randall says:

    lets all wear our red maga hats on st. patricks day! Stronger in numbers.

    1. Good. That way you can ALL get assaulted for your blind devotion to a game show host who doesn’t know how to spell.

  12. C cc can’t weeee all jus’ g g ggit aaaaalong???

  13. Bruce Harwell says:

    The more virulent form of Trump Derangement Syndrome on display; a crazed Leftist is going to kill a Conservative some day . . .

    1. UHHHH excuse you?? They JUST arrested a Trump loving coast guard officer for planning out a mass murder of liberal politicians. Libs tho? You’re a do as I say, not as I do hypocrite washout.

  14. The Can’t We All Just Get Along Party of higher morals than you, strikes – literally – again. An 81-year-old man. This really IS who you are, what you’ve become, liberals. Gangsters. Brownshirts. Intolerant Brutal Thugs. Way to go libs, you hypocrites.

    1. Republicans. The party where LITERAL Nazis, white supremacists and holocaust deniers ran for office. Liberals tho. Sorry I missed the memo that said THIS incident now represents the ENTIRE political party you don’t like.

      1. Eleanor Tharja Cantrelli says:

        You are seriously out of touch in reality… everyone of your comments are absurd.,… don’t you realize this little temper tantrum you immature socialist are putting on is only going to re-elect Trump…. I say this as a liberal, you are harming your chances of defeating Trump next year, not helping.

        Getting triggered by a hat? seriously? Its stories like this only push more people into Trumps camp.

      2. zapman2016 says:

        Na·zi ˈnätsē noun 1. historical: a member of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party.
        National Socialism (German: Nationalsozialismus)

  15. Why don’t they just pull the cameras from inside the store. I am sure the assailant can be identified. But this news company doesn’t appear to be doing their homework.

  16. Vox Veritas says:

    Does Jussie Smollett have an alibi?

  17. Benjamin Dover says:

    I was in Santa Barabara several weekends ago to sightsee. Yes, I was wearing my red MAGA hat.
    An elderly lady came up to me out of nowhere and started to read me the riot act.
    Was with several friends, all of whom are Democrats. We all walked away fast and left grandma in the dust!

    Never gave it thought until I read this article today.

  18. Douglas Masnaghetti says:

    Here are the REAL hate crimes. The democrats are vile, EVIL miscreants.

    1. I KNOWWW! With all that talk of affordable education and healthcare and environmental awareness! I makes me so mad I just wanna take my bible and beat a homosexual to death!

  19. Bernhard Rosenberg says:

    Hed: Jews should walk away from the Democratic Party
    I am launching Exodus Now, a political action group that will lead the walk away movement from the Democrat Party within the Jewish Community.
    For decades I have been the voice of the Jewish community for decades as a Democrat, appearing regularly on FOX as well as my own radio program.
    I am a strong supporter of President Trump and I laud the president’s decision to finally move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem. President Trump has supported the Jewish people like no American President in history, while Democrats have clearly become the party of Israeli and Jewish opposition. Have we learned nothing from the history of oppression?
    Anti-Semitism is being embraced more by the day by the Democrats. If we don’t exit now, we are part of it. I believe the answer it to support President Trump. I ask you to join him and support Exodus Now. More information will be available soon at
    Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg

    1. Howard Beck says:

      I hate to say it but Jews would vote for Hitler if he had a ‘D” following his name.

      1. sadly, you are right. jews actually DID vote for hilter before he became dictator. Jews tend to vote for the political party that wants to wipe out Israel. I don’t understand it, but they do.

  20. CCW and wear my MAGA hat every day.

  21. Gary Epling says:

    Jesse Smolett isn’t already out of jail is he?

  22. Roderick Goggenheimer says:

    Make sure your concealed carry permit is in order.

  23. Tosh Alford says:

    That hat represents hatred to a lot of ppl so no wonder it attracts it as well. My ppl have fought and are still fighting for basic rights and liberties, so no. I don’t recall a time when America was “great.” Therefore, I disagree with the statement and NO, I DON’T have to keep it to myself. KMA

    1. John Lott says:

      I disagree with you, do I have the right to attack you?

    2. So it’s OK for you to participate in politics, but not the people who oppose you?

      You do realize that makes you a fascist?

      Of course since you and “your ppl” have average IQs of 75, you probably don’t have a clue.

    3. So any political sticker you have, any political sign, shirt, hat promoting any political belief or politician I disagree with gives me license to punch you? Is that what you’re saying? All I have to do is declare your sticker/sign/shirt/hat represents “hate” and just like that.. I have a right to commit an act of violence against you.

      See how that works out? It most certainly goes both ways and up to now I would say the Right (however you choose to label it) has shown EXTREME TOLERANCE to the growing threat of leftist violence.

      Don’t expect that to last forever just because you’ve convinced yourself that your morally superior.

    4. Joe Pelley says:

      You are a dope who has been spoon fed a narrative from an opposition party. You are the epitome of the useful idiot. You fall for their propaganda and then support them and vote how they want you to. No country in the world has ever guaranteed free speech, or the right to lIfe, Liberty, and Happiness. No country in the world has a guarantee of due process etc. No country has ever grown into the economic power America is. No country has ever had the standard of living that America has. No country has had a middle class rise up and grow like America has. America was great, is great and can return to its economic power and growth it once had. If you don’t think America was ever great you are an idiot. Btw, MAGA means just that. The label of racism, hatred etc. was created by the Democrats to dupe people (like yourself) into giving them power over you. Keep being a victim and keep letting someone else control you.

      1. Ohhhhhhh, is THAT how it works?


  24. Bob Manning says:

    I’m thinking it’s time for this 72 year old to visit New Jersey again. I’ll wear my MAGA hat and bring some friends, Messers Smith and Wesson.

  25. Bill Sorenson says:

    Typical mentality of the new progressive democrat, aka Socialist, aka, Communist, aka Fascist. Attacking an old man.

    1. Stop using those words. You don’t know what they mean. I’m embarrassed for you.

  26. Kyzer Sose says:

    Well, it only makes sense to give Leftist the power they demand.
    If you disagree, keep it to yourself for your personal safety.

  27. Kevin Bearly says:

    Was it the typical white male heterosexual Christian toxic masculine suspect or a brown turd?

  28. Ed Cole says:

    If attacks like these had been happening to people wearing Obama hats eight years ago, there would be protest riots in the streets, and the attackers would have been getting charged with a Hate Crime. How is it any different or less egregious that the attacks now are on people that support Trump?

  29. Christopher Keegan says:

    What a snowflake. Go to your safe space.

  30. Bill Hensler says:

    .45 1911 is designed for the anti-MAGA crowd.

  31. Luis Martinez says:

    I carry concealed, veteran, ex cop, PLEASE ATTACK ME….

  32. Juan Ruiz says:

    Where are all the cameras, interviews, etc for this REAL hate crime??????

    1. This article provides the absolute bare minimum. No human interest.

  33. Chris Clements says:

    That does it! I’m ordering at least two different MAGA hats today just so I can get some of these cowardly @$$H073$ to get in my face about it! That way I can have some fun at their expense!

  34. Ryan Mouk says:

    If a hat triggers you….then you have failed at life.

  35. Danny Pope says:

    It was probably AOC

  36. tngilmer says:

    Democrats and their supporters have been committing hate crimes for one hundred years. the KKK was formed by Democrats. Lynchings were committed by Democrats. Their violent and hateful acts have not changed, only the targets.

    1. Oh really??? Well then, I guess you have no problem with US taking down OUR own confederate statues then, do you?

  37. Jeffery Dahmer says:

    Hate crime

  38. Patrick Cronin says:

    sound like some of Obozo’s sons acting poorly

  39. Tomas Cruz says:

    Democrats, their media and talking heads continue to put targets on the backs on everyone on the right. By calling them racists, Nazis, Klan……… Day in and day out.

    1. They literally just arrested a Trump supporting coast guard officer for planning out the mass murder of liberal politicians. Literally.

  40. Liberals and democrats are intolerant and filled with hate, attacking old men for a hat!!!!!!

  41. Jeff Mitchell says:

    This is what you get with liberals. Don’t ever vote for them if you want more of the same!

  42. Brad R says:

    I have absolutely no love for Trump but you have to be some kind of coward to attack an old person (or anyone for that matter) for what they wear. Hope the people who did this rot in jail.

  43. Pete Griff says:

    No description of the assailants which means they are NOT WHITE.

  44. So let me get this straight Maggie – an 81 year old is hateful just for wearing a hat supporting Trump and that somehow justifies the extreme HATE and VIOLENCE used against him by someone who doesn’t agree with his opinion? You’d be much happier living in North Korea or Cuba or Venezuela. Piece of sh1t

  45. The Northeast is a hostile place for Trump supporters – that’s why I left the area and moved to a great place with lots of pro-Trump people around and very low crime rate as well.

  46. John Bruno says:

    Are you a moran? No 81 year old should be assaulted for any reason, let alone a hat he was wearing. Learn to tolerate other opinions. You do not live on this earth alone.If anyone is birthing more hate, its you.

    1. Chris Bailey says:

      “moran” …… priceless.

  47. Ralph Clayton says:

    so no description of the attacker? i wonder why.

  48. Harold Riley says:

    As you can see from MQM’s comment above, the hateful, intolerant, anti-freedom left is hard at work commenting on here. We currently live in a free country, although the left wants to end that, so wear MAGA everywhere or head to the slavery of fascism/communism/socialism.

  49. Rick Kampstra says:

    If Democrats were proud they would wear hats identifying themselves.

  50. Maggie Quiroga Mainor says:

    Don’t be wearing that #MAGA crap in NY either. Glad he wasn’t badly hurt because he’s 81, but he’s a serious idiot that hopefully learned a lesson from this. His hate is birthing more hate.

    1. James McGachey says:

      You are brain damaged.

      1. Tom Bashor says:

        Soul damaged.

    2. You are obviously uneducated. A Make America Great Again hat does NOT translate to hate.
      I LOVE America and want it to be Great Again…don’t you?

      1. OBVIOUSLY uneducated, even though the 10 lowest ranking states for education are almost all Red and the top 10 highest ranking states for education are almost all blue. An uptick in hate crimes against minorities has boomed since Trump got elected but, that couldn’t POSSIBLY have any correlation.

        1. John Mercer says:

          Stop trolling. You twisted f***, you absolutely know that race relations deteriorated under Obama, who squandered the greatest opportunity in American history to bridge the gap. Then, let’s talk about Democratic lead cities (40 years or more) that are bankrupt and crumbling, you liberals leave a trail of destruction and poverty everywhere you take over. MAGA is ALL inclusive you dipsh**, your resistance demonstrates the desire to hold on to control of the masses through poverty and entitlements. SMH

    3. I’d lay money on you being an illegal alien.

    4. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. If you cannot agree with this statement, keep it to yourself. What would happen if the people supporting Trump and MAGA decided to attack everyone they meet who disagrees with Trump? What if your statement was made in a crowd of people and those who disagreed with you attacked you? I would have to believe that you follow the law, obey the Constitution and pay your taxes. If you do, then you would have to be civil and let those who have a differing opinion show it at the ballot box. If you do not follow the law and obey the Constitution nor pay taxes, then you may be the problem in America. Your are free to your opinions, but you are not free to use violence, nor censorship to try and mask opposing views. This is America, live it, love it, or get the Hell out of it!!!

      1. “This is America, love it, or get the Hell out of it!!!”

        You literally just touted a slogan that says america isn’t great.

    5. Chris Curtis says:

      So basically what you’re saying is, dont disagree with you? Sadly, people cant have differing opinions. You’re adding to this hate. People have the right to wear what they want, either side of the political aisle.

    6. The left is responsible for hundreds of millions of deaths around the world over the last 100 years. Why should they change now? My entire family packs heat. Of course the hate filled cowards on the left would never attack my sons who are Marines. They like to beat up 81 year old men.

    7. Morey Ladini says:

      And, AFAIK, any hoodie / BLM / Antifa / Anarchist / illegals garb inspires hate, lawlessness and crime – so, should I take action on them?

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