NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Monday’s powerful winds left a path of destruction across the Tri-State Area.

A major cleanup was underway Tuesday.

Some gusts were near-hurricane force at more than 65 miles per hour.

Tuesday was another brisk day, but it doesn’t quite compare to Monday’s dangerous high winds.

The force pulled a 12-story scaffold off its support on an Upper East Side building. The FDNY shut down a stretch of Fifth Avenue while it worked to secure it.

“Immediately, it was an extremely dangerous condition. The height of the building, the scaffold was pulling away and actually had broken away and pulled some of the corners off the top off the building,” said FDNY Manhattan Borough Commander Roger Sakowitch.

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“It looks like a mess,” said Upper East Side resident Bonnie Wyper.

Workers had to wait for the wind to die down Tuesday so the scaffold could be dismantled. They were hoisted 12 stories to start removing the scaffolding.

“It was very precarious. It looked like it had come off the wall and it was sort of dangling and moving. Very scary,” said Upper East Side resident Maria Mostajo.

Maria and her dog Charlie returned to the scene Tuesday to see the NYPD keeping several blocks of Fifth Avenue closed for safety.

“You know what, I’d rather it be closed than have anybody injured. So it’s worth it,” she said.

The scaffolding still appeared shaky, CBS2’s Jenna DeAngelis reported. Equipment near the top was swaying a bit. It doesn’t appear it’s going to be a quick clean up. Many stood by to wait and see.

On the Hudson, a Norwegian cruise finally pulled into port Tuesday morning after being delayed by whipping winds. That means those stuck on the ship could disembark, and those waiting to board could finally get on – a day late.

“They actually came in and turned back around, and then there was just not a lot of communication. So we didn’t know what was going on, and we waited a while, and then we found out next morning – it wasn’t going to come in until this morning,” said passenger Tina Schafer.

Harrington Park Police had to reroute parents taking their kids to school after a large tree blocked the intersection of Hackensack Avenue and Dean Street.

Cleanup also continues around the area. From a tree toppled onto a home in Livingston to a similar scene in Ridgewood, where forceful winds ripped massive roots from the ground, sending a tree smacking into a house.

Another tree trapped a car at a gas station in Rockland County. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

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“There was actually a car that was stuck underneath the tree. They cut enough branches out and then they pulled the car away,” Clarkstown resident Robert Nesi said. “The car, believe it or not, didn’t really get any damage.”

Two people were injured when a tree collapsed onto the Henry Hudson Parkway, smashing the windshield of their SUV and bringing traffic to a standstill.


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