NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A lot of interesting things happens on the streets of New York City.

But have you ever seen someone playing golf?

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CBS2’s Ali Bauman has more on a man known as a local legend, and the Instagram influencer who is teeing up a new audience.

It’s not every day you see a driving range in the Big Apple. But for Patrick Barr, it’s par for the course.

“I always wanted to play golf and I never got a chance to, so I just started doing it out here,” Barr said.

Patrick Barr swings away. (Photo: CBS2)

He’s known as “Tiger Hood,” and he’s been playing golf on the streets of Greenwich Village for more than a decade.

“My milk containers stuffed with newspaper wrapped in packing tape,” Barr said, referring to the homemade balls he hits around the streets.

Along the way he has made friends with comedians, artists and, lately, the filmmaker Nicolas Heller, who is known as “New York Nico.”

“To me, Patrick is one of the most genuine people in New York,” Heller said. “People recognize that on Instagram.”

“I started hearing more people telling me they saw me on New York Nico. I’m like, ‘Who’s New York Nico?'” Barr said.

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Through his Instagram, Heller has introduced the world to viral sensations like subway band Blac Rabbit. In his new documentary, “Neighborhood Golf Association,” the 30-year-old filmmaker looks at the man behind the club. And as he found out, Tiger Hood’s true passion isn’t that far from his own.

“He has one of the craziest collections of film photographs from the late 1990s, early 2000s,” Heller said.

The street golfer started documenting this city long before Instagram.

“It brings back a sense of nostalgia,” Heller said. “It was during a time not everyone had a camera on their cellphone, so the stuff he’s captured is stuff only he has.”

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If you see Tiger Hood on the street, it’s hard not to stare.

“When I saw you I had to stop,” one person said.

“You should come out and play one day,” Barr replied.

But before you know it, you, too, are joining in for a round of golf.

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To watch Heller’s documentary, please click here (Note: some explicit language).