LEVITTOWN, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) – Confused drivers on Long Island say they’re getting unfair red light camera tickets with hefty fines because they can’t figure out where to stop before making a right turn on red.

In Nassau County, a law was recently passed to end confusion, but its roll out is overdue, reports CBS2’s Carolyn Gusoff.

New signs to point to the precise location of where a white stop line were supposed to be in place by March 1, but 70 percent of the county’s 285 camera intersections are still without them.

Stopping just inches over the line can cost a driver a $150 ticket.

“Laws are not optional,” said Nassau County legislator John Ferretti. “Time frames in laws are not suggestions. And here today we can look at vehicles as we stand here making right turns on red and likely getting violation tickets that are unfair.”

“Our red light cameras are not here to be a trap to unsuspecting motorists,” said legislator John Ferretti.

All of Nassau County’s camera locations are already marked, but the county executive agreed to the new “stop here on red” signs to eliminate confusion.

A spokesman says the delay is due to difficulty in siting and installation.

All will be in place by April 15, to the relief of drivers.

Meanwhile, if people get a ticket at one of these intersections before all the signage is up, Ferretti is encouraging drivers to fight it.

  1. James Walker says:

    Nassau County red light cameras are for-profit rackets that residents should demand be ended. County officials are addicted to the loot from the rackets and will keep them going regardless of how predatory and unfair the rackets are. The only real solution is to un-elect every camera supporting official in the county government. Vote ONLY for officials that pledge to end the use of red light cameras as soon as they take office. See our website for more information.

    James C. Walker, National Motorists Association

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