NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Mayor de Blasio’s flirtation with running for president is now officially a laughing matter.

Hizzoner’s lust to live at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue received absolutely no love from the most powerful Democrat in the nation.

The Oscar for “best political putdown” went to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday.

“Madam Speaker, since you talked about so many presidents I wonder how you feel about Bill de Blasio running for president,” CBS2’s Marcia Kramer asked.

Pelosi’s response – nonstop laughter.

Nancy Pelosi laughs off questions about a De Blasio presidential run during an event lobbying for immigration reform. (Credit: CBS2)

“New York press, very welcoming,” a deflated de Blasio was forced to say, trying to move past the White House-sized embarrassment.

“I always say when somebody is serious about running I’ll be serious about commenting on it. I think the mayor is serious about it, but when he makes his announcement I’ll answer the question,” Pelosi said.

It’s just another day on the presidential campaign trail. This time, instead of traveling to Iowa, South Carolina or New Hampshire – where de Blasio got little respect or attention from voters – the mayor was right here in New York City.

De Blasio joined Pelosi and New York congress members to push a new immigration bill.

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“Our nation’s policies are creating fear among our own people,” de Blasio charged.

The mayor’s travels have opened him up to criticism from many who say he’s not doing the job he was elected to do – run New York City.

HUD regional administrator Lynne Patton, for example, blasted de Blasio on Twitter, saying in part…

“Maybe the @nycmayor should stay in his actual state and identify a new @nycha chair who will spend our $30 million per week on actual repairs.”

According to Politico, the NYCHA vacancy is just one of 14 high level vacancies that remain unfiled as the mayor wanders around the country.

CBS2’s political reporter tried to ask the mayor about his absenteeism and Speaker Pelosi’s putdown.

“I wonder how you justify going out of town all the time when there are so many things that need to be done here?” Kramer asked.

“Marcia, what Speaker Pelosi said which I think is fair is that she’ll comment when someone is a declared candidate,” de Blasio said, sidestepping the question.

“But how do you justify going out of town?” Kramer continued.

“I responded to your question,” de Blasio claimed.

“You didn’t respond,” Kramer charged.

“I did,” a defiant de Blasio continued to claim.

Mayor de Blasio refusing to answer questions about repeatedly leaving New York City affairs unfinished while traveling around the country. (Credit: CBS2)

Political analysts say de Blasio has dropped the responsibilities he was re-elected to handle, to the detriment of all New Yorkers.

“His flirting with the presidency tells his constituents he really doesn’t care what happens to them. It’s called the absentee mayor, mayor oblivious,” political consultant Hank Sheinkoph explained.

The mayor again refused to be pinned down about when he will decide whether to formally enter the 2020 race. He added “if there’s any more travel coming we’ll certainly be letting you know.”

Which may mean another weekend trip to an early primary state is coming up for New York’s absent executive.