NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – More than a dozen parked cars were damaged after police say two garbage truck drivers got into a violent melee in the Bronx.

Piece of debris from vehicles littered a Morris Park neighborhood Saturday after one garbage truck slammed into the row of cars.

A car allegedly wrecked by a garbage truck in the Bronx. (Credit: Michael Kaess)

Police say the mayhem started after a fight between two truck drivers broke out.

Like a monster truck rally, one of the garbage trucks smashed into cars along Hone Avenue early Saturday morning, pushing them onto the sidewalk and causing tens of thousands of dollars in damage.

In surveillance videos, the driver is seen casually stepping out as it nothing had happened before bursting into a full sprint away from the destruction.

Garbage truck driver allegedly leaving the scene of a massive accident in the Bronx. (Credit: Michael Kaess)

“Someone could have gotten killed,” Michael Kaess said. He owns the home surveillance camera that captured the incident.

“It’s pretty funny. He walks out so calmly and as soon as he turns the corner, he breaks out into a run.”

Police say it all began when a garbage truck driver with Paper Service Incorporated side-swiped and backed into a garbage truck from Falso Carting Services.

A fight ensued and police say the PSI driver assaulted the Falso driver before fleeing the scene and smashing into 14 cars.

At Falso Carting in Hunts Point Saturday night, CBS2 found the truck damaged by the PSI driver.

Falso Carting garbage truck allegedly damaged by another garbage truck company’s driver. (Credit: TV 10/55)

Its front was smashed and its windows broken by the crash. No one at the company answered the phone or the front door when CBS2’s Matt Kozar requested a comment on the incident.

“We were sleeping. It was one o’clock this morning, and we heard noise, so we all came out onto the block. One car was on my sidewalk. The tree was under the car.” Connye Fratto said.

A car allegedly wrecked by a garbage truck in the Bronx. (Credit: Michael Kaess)

Fratto’s mini cooper was badly damaged and she doesn’t know if it can be repaired.

She’s just grateful no one was hurt, including her grandchildren who play outside the home.

“They’re always out here playing. Can you imagine if it was day time?”

Police are still looking for the driver of the truck that caused all the damage. Several people in the neighborhood told CBS2 they know who he is.