NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — It was an emotional day in court Thursday as a mother faced the woman responsible for her daughter’s death.

Bertie Bynum wore a T-shirt to court, honoring the memory of her 31-year-old daughter Latesha Bynum, killed by a botched butt injection back in 2017. She addressed Latesha’s convicted killer Allison Spence directly, just before she was sentenced to 2-8 years in prison for her involvement in the illegal procedure.

“She needs to see. Do you see on my shirt? This is where I see my baby. Do you see her in the casket?” Bertie said. “You texted my daughter, ‘Oh, the doctor said, bring in a big tip.’ I guess you did. The biggest one both of you all got: Her life.”

Spence, 46, ran an unlicensed clinic with a doctor that offered a black market butt lift. She set up the appointment for the illegal procedure for Latesha Bynum, someone she called a friend. After the July 15th procedure, Bynum left the Gramercy Park building feeling short of breath. Sharp chest pains sent her to the ER and 10 days later she was dead. An autopsy found silicone from the illegal procedure had leaked into her bloodstream, killing her.

“Nothing I can say can take away your hurt, your pain and your anger. But I need you to know that I am truly sorry for what had happened,” Spence said.

Latesha Bynum

Latesha Bynum died following a cosmetic buttocks injection procedure. (Credit: CBS2)

Spence, who lived in Queens, has no background in medicine but called herself a nurse and collected thousands of dollars from Bynum before her fatal operation. Harlem-based Bynum was a mother to two young girls. Her daughter Janie Black spoke about her mom on her way out of the sentencing.

“What do you want people to remember about your mom?” she was asked.

“As the good person that she was,” she replied.

Her grandmother Bertie Bynum, who had a heart attack at the last court date, added one last thing on her way out: A warning for all New Yorkers.

“Y’all just be careful because these people are murderers. They can kill your children and get a 2-8,” she said.

Kevin Richardson, the doctor that Spence was working at the fake clinic, was sentenced back in September to 12 years in prison.


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