NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Since New York’s controversial congestion pricing plan was announced, there has been outraged from people across New York and New Jersey, as well as one group called the Reclaim Initiative.

The group is pushing back and calling for the legislation to be repealed. The bill passed New York’s senate by a vote of 39-23; the assembly by a vote of 85-59.

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Spokesperson Jadan Horyn joined CBSN New York’s Alex Denis to talk about the movement’s last ditch effort to stop congestion pricing approved in Albany to affect New York City drivers.

“It’s been applied to raise revenue for the MTA, with zero reform for the MTA,” said Horyn. “None of the issues of actual congestion that have been caused by the city and poor planning have been addressed.”

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According to a new poll, 54 percent of city voters surveyed oppose congestion pricing. Just 41 percent support the tax on drivers entering Midtown. New Jersey and Connecticut drivers and lawmakers have also stepped up to express their outrage as well.

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The repeal campaign includes radio ads targeting state senate Democrats, like Long Island Sen. Todd Kaminsky.