FRANKLIN SQUARE, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — There is a push on to save a family-owned deli that has been on a Nassau County corner since the 1980s.

The landlord says he can’t give the owners a break on the rent anymore, but the customers are rallying to keep the place open, CBS2’s Jennifer McLogan reported Tuesday.

In the heart of Franklin Square, on a busy Tulip Avenue corner, a mom and pop deli has been a gathering spot for 33 years.

“In 1986, I graduated college. My dad said you can either go work at the stock exchange, or we’ll come take a look at the store on the corner, because I was actually born and raised three blocks from here,” Tulip Caterers owner Vincent Giordano.

Vincent Giordano, owner of Tulip Caterers Delicatessen. (Photo: CBS2)

Giordano joined a decades-long partnership with his parents and took over Tulip Caterers after their deaths. Customers said they make this part of a daily routine.

“Like family over here,” one person said.

“The pastrami is outstanding,” another said.

“Always make my salads vegan-friendly, and I love it,” another added.

Giordano’s employees said he works 80 hours a week. He’s open 365 days a year.

“I worked for Vinny in high school. I fill in now and again. He hires … many of these people are all local. They live in Franklin Square,” one employee said.

The local following has started a petition — 1,247 signatures so far imploring officials to back off giving the green light to Giordano’s landlord, who hopes to move Tulip out and a 7-Eleven convenience store in.

A hearing will be held Wednesday afternoon before the Zoning Board of Appeals at Hempstead Town Hall.

“We’ve given Mr. Giordano over two years at a reduced rent to go find another location, and stay in the community,” landlord Randy Brisken said.

Rising rents are tough for Tulip Caterers’ bottom line. Some say it’s a perfect location for another 7-Eleven, while others complain there are three within a mile and a half and fear
they’ll lose a neighborhood connection.

“7-Eleven, you can get that anywhere, but you can’t get the personal touch that you get in a place like this,” a resident said.

“Keep Tulip Caterers here at 1020 Tulip Ave. for a long time to come, because I’m not finished yet, as you can see,” Giordano said.

7-Eleven did not return CBS2’s calls for comment.

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    This has ALWAYS been a GREAT Deli.

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