NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Health officials made a specific point to condemn the resurgence of “measles parties,” get-togethers where parents gather unvaccinated children with kids already suffering with measles in order to intentionally infect the group at a young age.

The practice has its own faulty logic based on how humans fight off the disease. Once people have become infected by measles, their bodies build up their immune systems to prevent new inflections. They are immune for the rest of their lives.

“As a parent, I have no doubt that each and every parent is making decisions based out of what they believe is best for their children,” said Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services Dr. Herminia Palacio. “But as a doctor, a public health practitioner, and a mom, I must warn you that exposing your unvaccinated child to measles is very dangerous, and it could even be deadly.” 

That’s the point of vaccines – safe ways of making people immune to infections with limited side effects. But “measles parties” carry a number of serious drawbacks.

“I know that parents may be afraid of getting their child vaccinated, but as a pediatrician, I know that getting vaccinated is far safer than getting measles,” said NYC Department of Health Commissioner Dr. Oxiris Barbot. “The vaccine has been proven safe and effective in preventing the spread of measles for decades and we have evidence.”

So why are “measles parties” a bad idea?

“Because vaccines have been so effective at preventing previously widespread diseases, we tend to forget that measles and other childhood diseases can be very serious,” said CBS2’s Dr. Max Gomez. “Why would you purposely expose your child to measles, causing them to feel awful, run a high fever (which can lead to seizures), risk expensive hospitalization and other potentially serious complications when a simple vaccine can prevent all that?”

“Plus, there’s the chance that an infected person could transmit measles to an immuno-compromised person (cancer, HIV, other chronic diseases) who could get very sick and even die,” he said. “That’s not being a responsible member of the community.”

So, to recap…

1.) Your child will get sick, possibly dangerously sick. In addition to measles’ miserable symptoms of dry cough, runny nose, sore throat, white spots inside the lining of the cheeks and skin rashes, there’s also fever – up to 105 degrees.

In the modern era, measles is rarely fatal, but Center for Disease Control numbers showed 1 in 10,000 cases resulted in death before 1963. Even now, 1 in 4 people who get measles end up hospitalized.

Complications from measles include bronchitis, pneumonia, encephalitis and serious pregnancy problems. Extreme cases show 1 in 1,000 people suffering brain swelling, which could lead to brain damage.

2.) Your child will get other people sick. Measles is highly contagious from four days before to four days after symptoms appear. The CDC says 9 out of 10 people who are exposed to someone with measles will become infected, though they might not know for up to six days.

3.) Your child will make the “herd immunity” to measles weaker for everyone. Part of the math behind widespread vaccination is to lower the occurrence of the disease everywhere, limiting the chance of exposure to anyone.

In a “measles party,” every child becomes a carrier out in the world, allowing the disease to find new carriers and continue to spread to vulnerable people – babies too young to get vaccinations and people with compromised immune systems.

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  1. Ian Elliott says:

    What is it that you brain dead people seem to not get?

    “Measles causes encephalitis and pneumonia and before mass vaccination began in the 1980s, measles killed nearly 2.6 million people a year, according to the World Health Organization. It still kills more than 100,000 people a year, mostly children under five. One in 1,000 people who catch measles die of it. dated Jan 22, 2019”

    Quit using the folksy, “we all got it and no one died” inductive logic. Kids die from it all the time, and always have. Just because it didn’t happen to you and yours doesn’t mean it didn’t and doesn’t happen. Your thinking not only hurts your kids, but all of society.

    Vaccine utility deniers are like the tin-hat wearing electromagnetic waves phobia nuts from remote reporting utility boxes. They read way too much, to be understanding so very little.

  2. Jon Beauregard says:

    A very large number of people who have come down with the measles WERE vaccinated for it and it is much more dangerous to catch it at an older age which has been the case for those who have been vaccinated and contacted the disease anyway.

  3. Vmware Vcp says:

    According to Jonas Salk (under oath before Congress) and the CDC, every case of polio in the U.S. since 1979 was caused by the oral polio vaccine. Sounds safe to me.

    Citation: Strebel PM., et al. Epidemiology of poliomyletis in U.S. one decade after the last reported case of indigenous wild virus associated disease, Clinical Infectious Diseases CDC, February 1992:568 79

  4. Will Zakarman says:

    The article’s claim that 1 in 4 who get measles end up in the hospital is suspect. It implies that 1 in 4 Boomers were hospitalized with measles since we all got measles.

    Boomers grew up without all these unnecessary vaccinations, but had neighborhood ‘parties’ so we could all get those “childhood diseases” as they were called, at the same time. Sure we witnessed polio victims, but the important vaccinations were understood. Today’s vaccinations for the normal childhood diseases include measles, chicken pox, whooping cough–are you kidding me? Ours was the largest American generation and we got sick with these ONCE and that was it and we never knew of anyone who died from them. Now we find out that kids are getting the measles even with having been vaccinated (several our our kids also got chicken pox after being vaccinated). And worse, young men are getting mumps and losing their testicles. That almost never happened 50 years ago.

    People are so freaking stupid today that they actually believe that its the non-vaccinated that are getting sick. How in the heck can you not see that no one is reporting real data that supports that claim? If it was true, that info would be all over the news right now. But, interestingly, it’s not.

  5. Chuck Curry says:

    No other species frets over its immuno-compromised relatives. It’s interesting to me how we spend one day talking about how we negatively impact the environment and then on the very next day we pontificate about noble it is to ensure that negative impact increases by keeping every human being alive as long as possible. Am I the only person who sees this inescapable contradiction? Let nature run its course? Only on Monday! LOL.

    1. Bob Thrasher says:

      Right. The way hospitals handle immuno-compromised is by isolating them and providing special treatment to those few individuals. The immuno-compromised vaccination argument turns that logic on its head and says all who are well should take special precaution to protect the few. Unfortunately natural selection is a rough business – but it beats death panels :).

    1. bushlied says:

      Yea, like Big Brother knows best. What is it about liberty that you fear?

  6. “1. Your child will get dangerously sick.” When I had the measles in 1958, my parents did not make a big deal out of it . I was sick for a few days. My eyes were sensitive but I recovered without lasting effects. Today I have perpetual immunity to the measles. Native Americans who had never been exposed to measles were devastated by it.
    “2. Your child will get others sick”. It is more likely that the etiology of this “epidemic” is the result of virus shedding from vaccination than it is from children who are passing on the illness. Natural immunity is far superior to vaccine “immunity”. The illness attributed to measles is pharmacuetical propaganda.
    “3.You make herd immunity weaker.” Actually the natural immunity of having the disease should strengthen “herd immunity” not weaken it. There is no statistical foundation for the theory of “herd immunity” as it is presently “defined”.

    1. statistical foundation for herd immunity
      formula: P>1- 1/Ro
      Ro for measles is 19.5
      so over 95% have to be effectively immunized, add 3%.

  7. You’re interfering with a pharmaceutical companies revenue!

  8. John McHugh says:

    Measles would be eradicated in this country if it weren’t for the anti-vaccine cult. Perhaps as bad is the insinuation that this is somehow connected to the refugee situation from Latin America. In 2019, Mexico has no health crisis from measles. They have been vaccinating since the 70s, with imperfect results. Anyone carrying measles from Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, etc., would not be contagious by the time they reached the US border. But, in any event, measles is much more common in other parts of the world, as compared to the Americas.

  9. Lisal Christian says:

    “Why would you purposely expose your child to measles, causing them to feel awful, run a high fever (which can lead to seizures), risk expensive hospitalization and other potentially serious complications when a simple vaccine can prevent all that?”

    As a measles “survivor” I can say that there are millions of us who survived it with a limited amount of discomfort. Lifetime immunity is one major benefit and not having to worry about some serious side-effects from a vaccine that kills more children every year than the measles virus does. Liberals just want to have total dominion over us, hence why they want single payer health care, then they can choose who gets care and who doesn’t. Hopefully the brainwashed public school indoctrinated young adults in this country will gain some critical thinking skills and have their eyes opened to recognize the struggle for complete power that has been undertaken by the democrats to control them before it is too late.

  10. James DeMeo says:

    Decades ago, my university classes on environmental medicine taught that people who did not get natural childhood diseases trended to develop higher rates of cancer and other degenerative illness later in life. And that vaccination could not yield any similar protection. Measles is not a deadly killer, and this is but another big AMA – pharmacy propaganda, to keep the money rolling in.

  11. Bill Loyal says:

    measles parties were perfectly normal before over medicalized paranoid society took over. Nothing odd about it and one you have it you cant get it again. It was never a big deal its JUST a rash.

  12. Bob Thrasher says:

    Years before measles vaccine was licensed (late 60’s), the death rate from measles complications was around 500 times less than the death rate we experience today from mistakes perpetrated by the medical system. Get a grip and put things into perspective here.

  13. Couple of dead, disfigured kids, add in some sterility and we’ll remember why our parents and grandparents celebrated vaccines.

  14. Brian Costello Sr. says:

    Measles is a benign childhood disease. Go ahead and have a measles party, you’ll have the healthiest children in the long run. Don’t let these ear mongers scare you. DO NOT COMPLY to these Nazi tactics!

  15. The only people forced to be vaccinated are those who might have been exposed? Isn’t that like closing the barn door after the fire started? And being vaccinated doesn’t mean you can’t carry the disease and infect someone who isn’t vaccinated. So since the only people who can be affected are those who choose not to be vaccinated what is this about? Makes hitler look nice.


  17. airotcivzile says:

    Anyone who willingly takes their kid to a “measles party” deserves to have their kid pulled by CPS. Child torture.

  18. asudad90 says:

    This is what happens when you let illegals into the country from 3rd world countries.

  19. Paul Caryn says:

    “resurgence of “measles parties,”

    Resurgence? Ah no, chicken pox gatherings yes, but measles? Never happened until now.

  20. You need to get vaccinated so the unchecked invasion of unvaccinated and infected illegal immigrants is less risky to citizens. Sanctuary city citizens are at the highest risk.

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