NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. (CBSNewYork) – People across New Jersey reported seeing a great flash traveling across the sky Tuesday night.

The American Meteor Society says it received hundreds of reports and the bright streak through the sky was most likely a meteor, reports CBSN New York’s Meg Baker.

Several videos posted on social media and shared by the American Meteor Society show the spark of light traveling at a high rate of speed across the sky.

“A meteor is the bright light in sky, so we had one of those last night – a very bright one, apparently bright enough to light up the ground like a flash of daylight,” said physics and astronomy professor Carlton Pryor of Rutgers University.

The light was seen traveling north to south over Cape May. There were reports of the sighting in Delaware, Washington D.C. and as far as West Virginia.

Pryor says northern New Jersey may not have seen the meteor due to cloud coverage.

He says the large meteor most likely split into tiny pieces that ended up in the ocean, and there was no danger to the public.

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