NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A violent arrest in Brooklyn was caught on camera.

Four NYPD officers tried to take down a robbery suspect who fought back, and then got hold of one of their Tasers.

But the story didn’t end there, CBS2’s Ali Bauman reported Monday.

Surveillance video obtained exclusively by CBS2 shows a man in an orange shirt lunge at police officers from a deli on Nostrand Avenue by Sterling Street in Lefferts Gardens, Brooklyn.

Police recently struggled with a robbery suspect in Brooklyn. The suspect somehow got his hands on one of the officer’s Tasers and used it on three cops before being taken into custody by a fourth. (Photo: CBS2)

The incident happened on Sunday at around 6 p.m.

At one point, an officer is seen pulling out a yellow Taser and all four officers struggle trying to restrain the man as he writhes and flails on the sidewalk.

The officers appear to get control of the situation and hold the man to the ground, but he manages to stand back up and continues fighting.

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The officers again get the man on the ground, then take out batons and hit him. That’s when the man grabs a yellow Taser from one of the officers’ belt and tases three of the officers’ hands. Then he takes off running towards Lefferts Avenue still holding the Taser. One officer runs after him around the corner.

Around the corner about 10 minutes later, the man is seen sprinting on New York Avenue with three officers following close behind. He tries weaving around a parked car, but police catch him one block away from the 71st Precinct.

Police sources told CBS2 the officers initially recognized the man as the suspect from an NYPD wanted poster for a grand larceny pattern, and believe he stole cellphones and bank cards from straphangers at least five times in February.

In a statement, NYPD spokesperson Phil Walzack told CBS2, “This goes to show the threats and dangers that our brave NYC Police officers face every day in keeping our city the safest big city in America.”

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  1. Joann Lee says:

    it took at least 4 officers to take down one homeless criminal suspect. it’s getting pretty bad out there. How would any one of us go against him? I’m concerned about what is happening to the our city. NYPD stop fudging the crime stats, allow the public to see what you’re up against. So what if it hurts business or hurts our RE valves. The rest of the public need to wake up to what is happening to the city before it’s too late. We all need to speak up, and stop folks from defaming the police when they’re are doing their jobs. Their hands should not be tied, when they are protecting us from what’s out there.

    1. Valerie Johnson says:

      Oh please they were not in that much danger, they out numbered the suspect 4 to 1 and behaved professionally instead of using ego, panic and racism to be an excuse to shoot and murder someone. It shows that no lethal means can be used to subdue suspects even when its challenging. I’m going to applaud these police although they were just properly doing their jobs- seems to be something that needs to be noted as there are so many criminal cops killing unarmed suspects and brutalizing children.

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