SPRING LAKE, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — You may have to do a double-take if you come across the lifelike sculptures in one New Jersey town.

CBS2’s Meg Baker was on 3rd Avenue in Spring Lake on Tuesday and witnessed the locals doing just that as they took in a whole bunch of Seward Johnson sculptures.

Lifelike Seward Johnson sculptures have popped up in Spring Lake, New Jersey and will stick around into the summer. (Photo: CBSN New York)

The trick is not getting fooled into thinking they are human beings, but many still needed to be convinced of that.

Johnson, an 89-year-old New Jersey native, has created more than 450 figures, with 16 on loan to Spring Lake. They will be on display through July 4 weekend, bringing crowds of families and especially young ones, who’ll want to taking selfies and pictures with the amazing life-like sculptures.

“Yes, that’s what’s so fun. People do take pictures. They walk around and it gets people talking that’s what Seward Johnson wants. He wants people talking. This series is called ‘Celebrating the Familiar.’ It’s everyday actions in life. It’s the special moments,” said Syd Whalley of the Spring Lake Chamber of Commerce.

The locals are certainly impressed.”I love the ones with the labs because I have labs,” one person said.

When asked what her favorite is, another person said, “The painter, because it looks so realistic and I really like to paint.”

Local business owners Baker spoke with said they are thankful to have the artwork here, especially during the offseason, because it brought so much foot traffic on a nice sunny afternoon, like Tuesday.


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