NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Some special children battling cancer were treated to a private screening of this year’s biggest superhero blockbuster on the Upper East Side.

The “Avengers: Endgame” premiere is the box office-shattering moment Marvel fans have been a full year waiting for. If you’re in awe of the movie’s characters, you should know these kids areĀ a force to be reckoned with too.

Six-year-old Wyatt got to pose on the red carpet before being treated to a private showing in Manhattan with 80 friends and their families staying at the Ronald McDonald House of New York.

“I remember when ‘Black Panther’ came out. He wanted to go see it but didn’t feel good, he didn’t even feel good enough to get off the couch,” Wyatt’s mother Whitney Crosser said.

For Crosser, there’s nothing better than seeing her son full of energy.

The parents in attendance know the fight against cancer has been rough on their kids.

“When he’s happy, everything is good, we are happy too,” parent Ina Perdomo said.

Some of the kids are too young to understand why they were at the premiere, but at 21-years-old, Jad Salem was able to appreciate the moment more than most.

“For me it’s a pretty big deal,” Salem said.

“It’s been a really long time. I haven’t been out to just have fun instead of going out to the hospital, going out to have a surgery.”

“Sometimes our kids don’t feel well enough but still do whatever is offered at the house because that’s what makes them happy,” Ruth Browne of the Ronald McDonald House said. “We want them to feel like superheroes every day.”

The idea is, for three hours, the kids in that theater get to be distracted from their diagnosis and treatment. A gift for these young patients as well as their parents.

“Nice to make memories that are fun, so when we look back I hope he remembers these things he got to do,” Crosser said.

Optimistic that the good guys and good health will prevail. Cancer is tough, but these kids are tougher.


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