UPDATE 4/26 10:56 a.m. – Donna has had surgery and is in critical but stable condition, her husband says. 

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A woman is recovering from a traumatic brain injury after a bicyclist ran a red light and crashed into her Wednesday.

CBS2’s Alice Gainer spoke to people in Midtown who say the reckless accident is not surprising and cyclists are constantly putting the public in danger at intersections.

After Wednesday’s grisly incident, the NYPD was out in Manhattan writing summonses to some cyclists on Thursday.

Around 1:30 p.m., police say a bicyclist ran a red light on 57th Street and plowed into the woman. They both fell and the 67-year-old pedestrian was seriously injured.

A 67-year-old woman was critically injured by cyclist running a red light. (Credit: CBS2)

“I heard the ambulance. I came downstairs and when I came to the front door I saw somebody laying on the floor,” Kenny Tello told CBS2.

The woman, who reportedly had just gotten lunch, was walking in the intersection between Fifth and Sixth avenues when she was struck.

Damian Deward’s bike after Midtown accident on April 24. (Credit: CBS2)

The cyclist has been identified by a police source as 40-year-old Damian Deward. He stayed on the scene after the crash and was issued a summons.

People who work in Midtown say they see bikes constantly going through the red light at that particular intersection.

A cyclist is seen running through a red light as pedestrians cross in Midtown. (Credit: CBS2)

A witness told CBS2 the cyclist involved in Wednesday’s crash was a food delivery man.

“They’re always going through the red lights in this intersection right here,” Tello said.

“Bicyclists, they don’t stop. If they don’t have to they’ll go right through when the light is red. It’s a dangerous intersection,” Jimmy Gomez added.

CBS2’s cameras captured numerous cyclists going through the red light, one after another.

A cyclist is seen running through a red light as pedestrians cross in Midtown. (Credit: CBS2)

The NYPD tried to play catch-up on Thursday, cracking down on the out-of-control bikers going through lights, and also going the wrong way in traffic.

The injured woman, who’s named Donna, works nearby.

Her employer released a statement also talking about the dangers of cyclists breaking the law. It reads in part:

“All of us who live or work in New York City do so at our peril because of bike riders speeding through intersections and often going against traffic on one-way streets. Bicycles should have a license plate to create accountability for the riders. We pray that Donna will fully recover from this tragedy.”

Gainer spoke to Donna’s husband, who did not want to appear on camera. He said she is in serious-but-stable condition.

As for the summons that cyclist was issued, it carries a fine of up to $250 or community service.

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  1. Tim Olsen says:

    We have to organize to fight for laws cracking down on scofflaw cyclists. Anybody know of any organizations that already exist that may be fighting for this? The cyclists have many organizations behind them. What do we have?

  2. Lori Levin says:

    Alice Gainer: Do you have An update on this woman

    1. Sandra Molé says:

      She passed away this morning after nine days in an induced coma and on life support.

      1. Lori Levin says:

        Who reported this. Not in the News.

  3. That law enforcement are NOW going to do something about it is a little to little too late. People have to get seriously injured before something is done…and why did the governor / mayor approve these motorized bikes that were illegal to begin with and the office reportedly saying they will make them legal because so many have them. WHAT?! How does that make any sense? Ridiculous! We NYers have to look both ways regardless of the direction we are going because of fear of riders going in the wrong direction and or crossing on the red. I just had one rider literally hit me on my head deliberately as he passed me by on the sidewalk! Just like with the people hopping over the turnstiles at the subway….this will be an issue for a minute AND then not and no one will get punished or seriously punished. Only reason any riders got stopped in this video by cops was because of the accident and reporters were out. We need a better system set up for LEGAL penalties and treat riders like they are driving a car….and a hit and run..is a hit and run…I think bike riders should carry/have to have insurance. How is a fine of $250 and community service going to help and be taken seriously?

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