NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – The wait is finally over, although it’s hard to say how many people were actually waiting for this news.

According to CBS2’s Marcia Kramer, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio will run for president in 2020.

De Blasio will reportedly make the official announcement Thursday and enter an already bloated field of Democrat candidates.

The two-term mayor has gotten little national support despite making a plethora of cross-country trips to test the presidential waters.

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He’ll now try to convince voters he’s a better nominee than political heavyweights such as former vice president Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders and no less than 20 other candidates that have entered the race before de Blasio.

The mayor has received mixed reaction from New Yorkers about him running for the country’s highest office; with many saying he hasn’t properly taken care of the big issues in the place he was elected to run so how can he run a country?

According to a Marist poll in March, only 25 percent of New Yorkers would be happy if de Blasio were to become the Democratic nominee, while 65 percent said they would be unhappy.

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The polls don’t get any better nationally, as an Iowa poll by the Des Moines Register this spring gave de Blasio a zero. He was not named as a first choice for president by a single poll respondent and that was before Joe Biden even declared his candidacy for president.

In April, he took in less than one percent of support in a poll featuring a field of 24 potential candidates – that was actually forward motion for the progressive mayor.