NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – An eight-month-old puppy went missing after getting spooked and falling onto the dangerous New York City subway tracks Thursday night.

Many concerned commuters are using social media to try to get answers about the search, but there’s still no word if the pup is safe.

“Her name is Marley Monroe and she’s eight months,” dog owner Bianca Ottley said.

Lost puppy Marley Monroe, who ran onto the subway tracks at Herald Square on May 23, 2019. (Credit: CBS2)

Ottley and her mother spent their Thursday night worried and wondering where their golden cocker spaniel puppy could be.

She ran off northbound on the N/Q train tracks at Herald Aquare after she slipped out of her light pink harness.

“She was nervous I think from the trains and stuff… She just jumped off the platform and ran uptown on the tracks,” Ottley explained.

“She just run in to the train, but the train was gone,” Paula Boodoosingh said.

New York City transit officials quickly notified passengers on social media of delays “while we attempt to rescue a dog from the tracks.”

Many replied asking “is the dog ok?”

Tweets sent after the disappearance of Marley Monroe. (Credit: CBS2)

Transit workers searched the track with flashlights and an NYPD Emergency Services Unit was called in with a catch pole to snag Marley.

“They went with a flashlight, they notified the train conductors to slow down, I hope… She’s really nervous of loud noises and stuff so we’re scared she’s hiding somewhere,” Ottley added.

At one point, transit police escorted each of the women on to the front car of a train and headed slowly to the next stop in hopes they might spot the dog themselves.

“I’m just worried, I’m just praying, I’m just praying to find her safe,” Boodoosingh said.

After several hours of searching however, there was still no sign of Marley Monroe.

In this case, at least for now, no news might be good news.

“At least they didn’t find anything else, but it’s still not comforting to know that she’s still out there,” Ottley said.

  1. Vicky Cosgrove says:

    this is one good reason to have a dog in a carrier on public transit. I believe this is the law. I bring my small dog in a closed carrier on a train or bus. This is a tragedy that could have been prevented. Very sad for them and their puppy. I hope it is found safe.

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