NEW YORK (CBSNewYork)Rep. Jerry Nadler had a medical episode while appearing with Mayor Bill de Blasio Friday.

Nadler was at an event at PS 149 in Manhattan touting an increase in speed cameras near schools when he appeared to become disoriented.

De Blasio stopped his remarks and turned to Nadler, offering him some water.

“Jerry, take a drink, you look a little dehydrated, brother. You seem a little dehydrated. You OK? ” de Blasio said. “Jerry? How you feel man? You all right?”

People started asking for a doctor and an announcement of a “code blue” was made over the public address system.

Doctors rushed to his side.

He seemed to recover his composure a short time later and was taken for a checkup.

“Appreciate everyone’s concern. Was very warm in the room this morning, was obviously dehydrated and felt a bit ill. Glad to receive fluids and am feeling much better. Thank you for your thoughts,” Nadler tweeted early in the afternoon.

“You can’t keep Jerry Nadler down,” tweeted de Blasio. “Thank you to the staff at PS 199 and NYC Health + Hospitals for their quick response.”

Nadler is the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee.

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  1. Jim says:

    not one of those so called humanitarians called 911, looked to me like he was having a stroke

  2. Michael Rayburn Kell says:

    Probably had his belt too tight and choked himself.

  3. Jaroslav Havlik says:

    It looks like Stroke. He should retire immediately.

  4. Bill Jackman says:

    The male equivalent of Hillary: a hyper-political liar and a loser who’s on his last legs.

  5. I’m sure it was just a coincidence that it happened while he was on TV and that 3 medics….in lab coats, were on the scene immediately. DeBlasio offered him water before he even looked at Nadler. Almost as if it was scripted, eh? Not only am I not buying it…it’s just laughable.
    When sheep are on a steady diet of TV programming, the elites can pull of these hoaxes pretty easily. This is a ploy for sympathy.

  6. Mike O'Connor says:

    looked like the jerrynads almost.. feh-lout,

    ay jeh-reeh!! drink dis waw-deh!! drink dis.. we gonna haf-teh take yeh to deh.. haw-spital!!

  7. It wasn’t a stroke. It wasn’t a heart attack. It was a “MATTER.”

    Drs. Loretta Lynch and James Comey

  8. Derek Elliot says:

    He had a small stroke. Look at his eyes.

    1. sammie515 says:

      You’re probably right, or he had an anxiety attack when he found out that Trump is ripping the cloak off the Russian probe nonsense.

  9. Steve Richter says:

    What is the point of shoving water in his face? He clearly is in poor health and needs medical attention.

  10. Martin Saposnekoo says:

    Please Nadler do everyone a favor and DIE before its too Late!! You Treasonous SWINE!!

    1. Dennis Wollen says:

      DAMN……I got all EXCITED……I thought he was dying…….NUTZ…….

      PENGUIN foiled us again……THE DEVIL WAS WITH HIM………

  11. Stephen F. Paul says:

    Probably just hitting him that people aren’t buying into their BS about Trump. People are on to him and they know he’s useless .He can’t handle the job ,ever see how he has to have a cadre of people handing him notes of what to say.

  12. He was elated to hear about the “cover up” Pelosi had brought up earlier in the week, then fell ill when he heard Trump is ripping the covers off?

  13. Patricia Fondren says:

    He had bypass surgery for obesity. That requires constant medical attention and caring for diet, vitamins, etc. He is probably past his shelf-lite date for that surgery.

    1. Robert Tulloch says:

      Past his shelf life period

  14. Rick Ward says:

    That evil eyebrow is eating his energy.

  15. Sooner or later the guy’s all-consuming hatred for the president will take its toll on the hater. That day has come.

    Hatred consumes the hater, not the hated.

  16. Charlie Charles says:

    What are all these Infowars and Brietbart readers doing on a legitimate news site?

    1. Glen Hays says:

      Classing up the usual low brow progressive pablum?

    2. Tony Monti says:

      You mean the same MSM that lied to you for 3 years about the Russian collusion hoax lol

  17. Colleen Kida says:

    he could have had a heart attack,i had one it is no joke,so you trolls please go back under your bridge.

  18. Stephen Goddard says:

    Glad to know he has really good health insurance. We common people don’t get any of that.

  19. Steve Dekker says:

    He’s suffering from both TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) and LFS (Lie Fatigue Syndrome)…

    The only way to cure these ailments are high doses of honesty and integrity, so Nadler’s prognosis doesn’t look good.

  20. Damn, I was hoping he would pass the ghost!

  21. Jack Howarth says:

    Trump Derangement Syndrome is hard on the health.

  22. Jay Lavallee says:

    He’ll probably blame Trump…

  23. doctorfixit says:

    I feel sorry for the morgue technician. Penguin has no lips to sew shut. Have to use super glue I guess. Nadler with his mouth shut will be a first.

  24. Kathleen Eriksen says:

    I pray he will receive Jesus Christ as his Savior and Lord before he steps out into eternity. No do-overs after that.

  25. And these people get pay checks.Not worth a dime in my book!!

  26. Jeff Sherman says:

    Meh. The Hillary one was much better.

  27. Lucky he isn’t in a SINGLE payer system. He’d still be waiting!

  28. Guy Hurd says:

    Blood sugar issue. They were feeding him.

  29. Viki Watson says:


  30. Nadler OD’ing on hoax investigations. No one really cares.

    1. Mitzi Sp says:

      Speak for yourself. You are not speaking for those that are not trolls

      1. Dale Morrison says:

        I could say the same for you.

  31. Alexander Weatherholt says:

    Hmmm Karma perhaps?

  32. Eileen Finnin Hargrove says:

    I would be sick too if I had to sit that close to de Blasio.

  33. No medical episode, just another Democrat losing their mind.

  34. Alinsky sympathy ploy. Either that or he had low blood sugar from missing his usual 14 Big Mac snack around that time.

  35. Fred Doe says:

    I hope he recovers completely. I want him to see Brennan, Clapper, Comey and others go to federal prison for their crimes, and spend much time wondering if they will find the evidence to do the same to him.

  36. Joe Scott says:

    I would like to wish him well. It’s almost an impossible task, considering what an azzhole he is. Someone should check the room for signs of Hillary and her death squad.

  37. Andy Slaven says:

    Build that sympathy before they start investigating you!

  38. All-consuming hatred does that to a fellow.

    1. Mitzi Sp says:

      I guess looking at your “name” etc you would know about what hate does. My condolences to you

  39. Dell Richards says:

    Funny I feel the same way when I hear DiBlasio speak

  40. Andy Driggers says:

    another victim of Trump Derangement syndrome?

    1. Maybe if we bring back Execution for Treasonous behavior—we should incorporate the Guillotine to execute the democratic party–first sending Hillary Clinton to be executed–She would turn Pale while her Head is chopped off with a dull Blade!!

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