NEWARK (CBSNewYork) – You may want to think twice before giving money to panhandlers in Newark.

Police there will now be ticketing drivers they say are posing safety risks and delaying traffic by stopping to give money.

“People are well-meaning and want to help, but this is a safety issue,” Public Safety Director Anthony Ambrose said. “We have panhandlers wading into traffic at busy exit ramps off Route 280 or on McCarter Highway, which jeopardizes their own health. We had a female pedestrian killed on McCarter Highway just a few weeks ago.”

Police have issued 90 summonses in just the last few weeks. That comes with a $50 fine plus court costs.

The city says this is all part of a larger plan to help the homeless.

“When a driver stops and gives a panhandler money, they’re basically helping them feed bad habits,” Ambrose said. “We want to discourage this, but while offering these panhandlers significant and meaningful help.”

Newark Hope One, a police mobile unit, will also try to keep panhandlers off the streets by offering services to get them help.

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  1. John Oakman says:

    But,but dey bees DimoRat voters!!!

  2. Mistah Potatohead says:

    This is a good thing. How did it happen in Newark? Some liberal judge will strike this down in short order.

  3. Soylent Green is people.

  4. If people who panhandle day after day were truly seeking help, they would not be on the sides of roads, at interstate off-ramps and crowding red lights, but actively trying to better themselves, if nothing else than maintain their humanity. The majority of these (so many are young and able-bodied) are out there to feed their addictions. We should not take part in helping them dehumanize themselves.

  5. it’s awesome that ALL the other problems that once plagued Newark have been taken care of and they can finally address this pressing issue of drivers giving money to poor people! Truly a great day for this beacon of progress ~sigh~Newark…[sarc off] …Thanks for the new excuse though..”Oh man, sorry bro, I see you’re in a bad way but…I don’t want to get a ticket… Ta Ta!”

    1. Jason Ledd says:

      Don’t feed the pigeons or you’ll get lots of poop.

  6. Democrats have always hated the poor and the homeless. Just more proof

  7. John Melicharek says:

    Now Newark NJ Is The Panhandler !!!

  8. Mary George says:

    The cops are the biggest enemy of the homeless.

    1. John Newhouse says:

      No. The “homeless” are their own enemy, and people who enable their destructive lifestyle are their enemies, too.

  9. Jim Fuss says:

    I did not know that being homeless is a bad habit- Thanks for clearing that up for me.

  10. Dan Thomas says:

    Do we get a reward for robbing panhandlers?

  11. Michael McConnell says:

    YES!! I’m from San Francisco and I have said a long time ago that fining people for giving money to bums is the best way to stop it. I saved thousands of dollars by NOT giving money to some bum, alcoholic and/or drug addict.

    1. Christopher Metivier says:

      Michael, you’re a pretty sad excuse for a human being.

      1. Stevan Baker says:

        Nope….Mike is right on the money here. These panhandlers are social parasites. They diminish the communities they occupy. All you do by giving them money is to prolong their addictions. Your are not helping them but creating more of them. San Francisco is a shining example of what happens when do-gooders overturn common sense.

        1. Spudman WP says:

          Recent studies has shown that up to 90% of “homeless” are just drug addicts.

  12. Dan Brower says:

    Great idea!! I hope it spread to other cities. That is the best way to stop drug abuse in cities.

  13. Jim Brennan says:

    Who the hell made you, Mr. Ambrose, the arbiter of “bad habits?” Do you have any?

  14. Felix Cuvreau says:

    The government would like to remind you that homelessness is not your job or responsibility, that they have it covered, don’t worry about it, just give the government the money and they will take care if it.

  15. MT Sim says:

    “When a driver stops and gives a panhandler money, they’re basically *helping them feed bad habits,”* Ambrose said. That’s why I stopped giving money to corrupt politicians as well.

  16. George Montgomery says:

    So if I follow my religious belief and give unto the poor you are going to fine me?? You are not an individual but an secular ideal. I will not turn the other cheek. The only way to solve this is sue you for every secular breath you take, every move you make. In fact the only way to turn this authoritarian lucifarian nightmare around is to sue these systems into the poor house.

    1. John Newhouse says:

      Why don’t you rightly divide the Word of Truth. What about 2 Thessalonians 3:10 (if you don’t work, don’t eat)? What? Are you kinder than God? Do you know more than Him? Is your wisdom greater than His? If people lived this out, we wouldn’t have a bunch of drug-addicted bums leeching off the public. The problem is that you have accepted their assigned moniker of “homeless” and you attach your imagination as to how they became that way. Stats show that 99/100 of them are YOUNG, ABLE-BODIED, DRUG ADDICTS. They aren’t “people down on their luck” as we are all encouraged to believe.

  17. Chris Logan says:

    They are wholly and completely uninterested in anyone’s ‘help’ …unless it involves giving them free money. Las Vegas and many other cities have already tried this: They take them off the street and put them up in public housing for a month, set them up with jobs, etc… and over 90% of them just take advantage and are back out on the street after the month is up, never having intended to do anything to get themselves off the street.

  18. Michael Robertson says:

    They should not be penalized for giving money, but rather the panhandler should be arrested for tax evasion as they never declare their income – let the feds deal with it!

    1. Spudman WP says:

      Local LEOs cannot cite someone for a federal crime. That was the whole basis bhid stopping AZ from enforcing immigration law. All they can do is enforce local laws which is why they are targeting drivers who are most assuredly posing a hazard by stopping on the road to give someone cash. It would even be hard for them to cite based on not paying local taxes because the burden of proof is on the government combined with high bars to pass before even owing taxes.

  19. Jay Johnson says:

    The gun and badge thugs “serving and protecting” the pols, crats, money, and power. As always.

    “Ignorance is Strength.” I’m weak.

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