PASADENA, Texas (CBSNewYork) – A Texas Walmart has cake on their face after serving up a dessert that should have read “for display purposes only!”

A Pasadena mother recently ordered a graduation cake for her daughter from the local shopping center, but what she received wasn’t made of chocolate or vanilla – it was Styrofoam.

Marsy Flores told local reporters on the day of the party, Walmart lost her order for a two-tier cake. The store offered to give her another cake, free of charge.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t until Flores got home that she realized Walmart had messed up again and served up an inedible cake.

“I go to cut the cake and it was not budging,” Flores said. “It’s a special moment and this is what we got for it, it was a Styrofoam cake.”

Flores’ sister took video of the shocking discovery. Underneath an actual layer of frosting, laid nothing but foam filler.

A Walmart in Texas sells a mother a cake made of Styrofoam for her daughter’s graduation. (Credit: CBS2)

“I was in complete shock,” Flores said via KAUZ.

The mother said she took the cake back and the store offered her a $60 gift card for the frosted faux pas.

Walmart later issued a statement saying, “the incident was the result of a misunderstanding. The matter has been resolved and the customer was given a gift card for her inconvenience.”

The retail giant may consider the matter closed, but the Texas family later said the double cake mistake resulted in a “moment that we lost” and couldn’t be replaced.

  1. Jack Gilliam says:

    No big deal here. Same thing happened to us & the bakery made it right. We laugh about it 10 years later & it’s a great story.

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