NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Parents are voicing concern about a growing problem at a Brooklyn park – a giant puddle that looks more like a city pool.

Families say Mellett Playground in Sheepshead Bay always floods after it rains.

The problem is there’s now an unmoving body of water still sitting on the park’s surface after two days of sunshine.

(Credit: CBS2)

Kids can’t play basketball or ride their bikes safely.

Local moms and dads are also worried the dirty water will start attracting mosquitoes as the weather gets warmer.

“Every time it rains it’s a given, this whole courtyard is absolutely unusable for the most part,” parent Rene Chan said.

“Maybe they could get the drain fixed?” nine-year-old Ethan Chan added.

CBS2 sent pictures of the flooding to New York City’s Parks Department and asked how it can be fixed.

The Parks Department has not responded.

Mellett Playground is listed on the Parks Department website as being slated for a major renovation.


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