NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The U.S. Women’s Soccer team is off to a good start at the World Cup after a really big win.

The U.S. demolished Thailand 13-0 on Tuesday, doing so in historic fashion.

But some are criticizing the team, not for running up the score, but for the manner in which the players celebrated the avalanche of goals in what was such a lopsided affair.

Was it all too much?

A win for Team USA is something to celebrate, and Tuesday’s was overwhelming. The scoring started early and it didn’t let up until the Americans achieved the largest margin of victory in World Cup history, CBS2’s Dave Carlin reported.

They utterly thrashed 34th-ranked Thailand.

Co-captain Alex Morgan‘s five goals tied a team record.

What other records did the Americans threaten, or in some cases downright destroy?

  • Most goals scored by a team in a World Cup match — men’s or women’s
  • Largest margin of victory in a World Cup match
  • Tie: Most goals scored by a player in a World Cup match
  • Most individual goal scorers in a single Women’s World Cup match

But for some, seeing members of Thailand’s team in tears as shots flew from all directions past its defenseless goalkeeper struck a chord. Some said they felt uncomfortable, and then a little angry at the Americans’ exuberance. Some USA fans began to pity the underdogs. Some even called the USA players “ruthless” and “relentless.”

“When it comes to celebrations, I think this was a really good team performance tonight, and I think it was important for us to celebrate with each other,” Morgan said.

The game had coaches and players talking about good sportsmanship and examining when celebratory behavior might cross the line.

“I felt a little sad for the other team, yes. I’m not going to lie,” one man told Carlin.

“It’s a tricky situation. I mean, I play sports, so I know what it feels like to be on both ends,” one woman said.

Some say it was unseemly, while others say it was understandable that at the highest levels of competition there will be players and fans who argue there is no need for apologies.

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  1. Laurel Koster says:

    I don’t think they did anything wrong, and deserved to celebrate their excellence. This competition is on the WORLD stage…there is no guarantee to ANY team involved, that they could not be in Thailand’s shoes, or USA’s! Both teams gave their best, which is what is expected. To believe either team involved in a competition should hold back because their opponents are less proficient in their sport, and then NOT celebrate victory as a team, is both ludicrous and ridiculous. WAY TO GO TEAM USA !!! 🇺🇸GREAT EFFORT, TEAM THAILAND !

  2. I’m happy they won but embarrassed by the way they rubbed it in! 5-0 is enough.

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