NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A bicyclist was struck and killed Monday morning in Chelsea.

It happened at around 9:25 a.m. near West 23rd Street and Sixth Avenue. The tractor-trailer truck struck the 20-year-old woman and kept going, police said.

“The helmet did not save her at all. She literally flew a little bit, like two or three feet in the air, then landed really hard,” witness Jermaine Torres told CBS2’s Christina Fan.

A witness stopped the driver, Antonio Garcia, several blocks up the road and told him to turn around.

By the time he returned to the intersection, police were already there.

The victim was rushed to Bellevue Hospital with severe head injuries and was pronounced dead on arrival.

Garcia was taken into custody for questioning.

He told Fan he didn’t see the bicyclist and she must have hit the back of his truck. He says he’s been driving 14 years and this is his first accident.

“I’m driving no more than 20, no down to 15, and I don’t see nothing,” Garcia said.

Police won’t say how fast the truck was going, but Torres said it was speeding.

“It was going at least 45 mph going down. Keep going and did not stop, did not stop at all,” Torres said.

“My driver license very clean. I don’t have points,” Garcia said.

Garcia was not arrested, but he was issued several equipment violations for minor problems with his truck.

The incident has other cyclists concerned.

“It’s always worrying about cars hitting you because cars really don’t care about where you’re riding,” Steven Sanchez, a friend of the victim, said.

Friends said the cyclist was a delivery driver on her way uptown when she was hit.

“She’s an experienced rider. She races track. She rides the streets. She commutes,” Mario Sepulveda, a friend of the victim, said.

The victim’s friends say they deal with dangers on the road every day.

According to police, year to date for 2019 there were 10 bicyclist deaths in New York City, compared to seven for all of 2018.

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  1. John Morris III says:

    I just got hit my a tourist on a citbike at the72nd street transverse near the boathouse in Central Park. She was at fault since she hit me from behind while I was in the running lane. Her excuse was she couldn’t control the bike. I told her not to move because I was trying to get the police or park police. There was no police around as usual at this transverse because the city does not want to get the police involved in preventing accidents or seeing an accident because of liability issues. Any pedestrian walking or running in the park must take precaution against these stupid tourist on citi and rental bikes (Not cyclist on road bikes. They usually follow the rules). As a pedestrian, you will have to defend yourself against these tourist on bikes, which means pushing them away from you if they get close to you. This is what I will do going forward as a runner in the park in order to defend myself because the city and police will not help you. Be warned.

  2. Linda Reynolds says:

    I do not ride; I walk. I have almost been mowed down countless times, usually crossing the street with a walk sign and vehicles come whipping into the crosswalk with no regard. Trucks go 50mph plus. I NEVER HAVE seen a driver ticketed.

  3. They/Them not her and Their name is Robyn, thank you.

  4. Ariah Noetzel says:

    Awful thing to witness on your morning commute. Not okay today. Not a religious person, but praying for the victim’s family and loved ones.

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