NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Arby’s is known for its beefy sandwiches and slogan “we have the meats.” Naturally you’d think the nation’s “meatless” craze would push the fast food chain to offer some meals that look like beef but are actually vegan-friendly.

They kind of went in a different direction.

Arby’s is working on selling “Megetables” in their restaurants; meats that look like vegetables.

According to a how-to video by Arby’s, Megetables like the “marrot” – a meat-based carrot lookalike – are made using turkey breast and are then shaped and colored to look like an orange carrot.

Arby’s slogan is “we have the meats.” Now their meats are being made to look like vegetables. (Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Arby’s)

“Arby’s is not one of the restaurant companies interested in working with Impossible Foods,” the chain said in a statement in May. “The chances we will bring plant-based menu items to our restaurants, now or in the future, are absolutely impossible.”

The fast food giant added that their Megetables pack over 70 percent of the recommended vitamin A for a single day and provide over 30 grams of protein.

For now, the Marrot will not be found on the Arby’s menu, but officials with the company said they felt “pretty good” you’ll be seeing them at some point soon.


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