NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Look out for flying concrete!

A chunk fell from a subway overpass and onto a truck on Wednesday in Queens.

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And as CBS2’s Alice Gainer reported, it may not have been the first time.

On Astoria Boulevard and 31st Street, the elevated subway is under construction. While there is wood underneath a lot of the track area, there are some open gaps.

CBS2 photographer Ken Gordon was on his way to an assignment when he said a chunk of debris hit his truck.

This piece of concrete fell on a CBS2 News truck on July 3, 2019, in Astoria, Queens. (Photo: CBSN New York)

“[I was] stopped at a red light on 31st Street at Astoria Boulevard and I hear banging. They’re working on the ‘L’ over in that area,” Gordon said. “Then I hear what sounds like sand or maybe pebbles or something falling on the truck, followed shortly thereafter by a big thunk. When the light changed, I pulled over and got out and there was a piece of concrete with some wire coming out of it, a little bit bigger than a softball, but smaller than a basketball.

“There is a ding in the satellite dish oh, I don’t know, a half of an inch to an inch,” he added.

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The repair manager at a Gulf station on the corner showed Gainer pictures of his car parked on the street three weeks ago.

“That’s rocks. These are rocks from pieces of the concrete,” the manager said, adding when asked if there was any damage, “Little scratches here and there.”

After CBS2 called the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, the agency sent out inspectors.

When asked what problems have led to the falling debris, an MTA representative said more than once, “All inquiries have to go through our press office.”

The concrete fell on CBS2’s truck near the crosswalk, which means it could’ve hit someone walking.

The MTA said the piece of concrete that fell happened as a result of an error by a contractor who cut a platform edge. The agency said the investigation is continuing and if found responsible it’ll hold the contractor accountable.

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Additionally, CBS2 was told the contractor has been directed to conduct a “safety stand down” with all personnel Friday. Platform edge work will not continue until the full investigation is complete.