NEW ROCHELLE, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) – Tango’s owner is a member of the FDNY and an Army veteran.

Now, the hero is hoping someone will step up and save his prized pup.

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There’s been no sign of Tango for a day now.

“We were taking the dog from upstairs to bring him out in the back to play in his pool with his toys, to put him on his leash and that’s when the loud bang went off,” Tim Tamburello of New Rochelle said.

They were enjoying their July 4 evening in their Flower Street backyard when a neighbor suddenly began setting off fireworks.

The family told CBS2 Tango got spooked by the loud noise and sprinted right out of the yard just before 8 p.m.

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The property is only partially fenced so the pup is usually on a leash, but it all happened in just a matter of moments, allowing Tango to escape.

“He took off running like out of nowhere,” Tamburello said. “I almost didn’t even see it. Next thing I know, she was screaming for him and that was the last I saw of him.”

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Tango ran from his New Rochelle home after being spooked by fireworks on July 4, 2019. (Credit: CBS2)

They spent the night searching into the early morning hours with tips from neighbors who spotted the Rhodesian Ridgeback heading towards Mount Vernon, but still no luck.

It’s especially tough for Tamburello, a firefighter who served in Iraq for a year and found true comfort in his dog.

“It’s almost like therapy, you know. Me and him just go for long walks and to the beach and the woods, and it just really, you know, he gets to my soul. I love him with all my heart,” the veteran said.

They’re hoping someone will spot the nearly two-year-old dog because of the distinctive characteristic of that breed – with his “ridge” or raised strip of hair on his back.

He also has a collar with contact information and a microchip.

“We just miss him very much,” Dinorah Tamburello said.

“We just want him home safe,” Tim Tamburello said.

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As they pray for a speedy homecoming, the Tamburellos hope this serves as a reminder for others to always keep their pets inside if there’s even a chance of fireworks or frightening noises close by.