NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – A Manhattan mother is desperate to recover her lost engagement ring.

She believes a mystery couple many have found it in Central Park.

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Erin Pasquet is refusing to give up. She’s hung up flyers around Billy Johnson Playground, checked back daily, and looked in every crevice for her lost ring.

“I’m going to keep coming, searching, putting up signs until it just seems insane.”

Pasquet lost the ring, featuring a center stone and six other diamonds, on June 27. She was at the park with her 15-month-old son and had taken it off while putting on sunscreen.

“Sometime while we were playing it must have fallen out of my pocket, but I didn’t realize until I had got home and had that oh my god moment.”

Pasquet said she tore through her stroller, looked through her clothes, and backtracked all the way to the playground. That’s when someone offered her a crucial clue.

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“Another mom overheard me talking to somebody that I had lost my engagement ring and told me she had seen another mom… That she had found my ring and was looking for the owner of it.”

The two women had apparently missed each other by mere minutes.

“She said it was a woman with long brunette hair and a man that was bald with a two-year-old around toddler age.”

Pasquet is hoping to reunite with the ring before her fifth wedding anniversary on Monday. She says the stones were gifted to her and her husband by her mother-in-law.

“It’s meaningful to me and really impactful that that she felt so strongly about me and our relationship.”

The ring was not insured. If Erin gets it back, she says she’ll never take it off her finger again.

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Erin added she also filed a police report and searched local pawnshops and Craigslist, but so far has had no luck.