NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A crackdown on illegal immigrants facing deportation was expected to begin to Sunday in at least nine cities across the country.

But so far they’ve been limited to New York City, immigration sources told CBS2.

Federal and customs enforcement agents were seen knocking on doors in Sunset Park, Brooklyn this weekend.

Mayor Bill de Blasio has said New York City will not help Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents in making arrests, and reported no arrests when he spoke to the media in the afternoon.

ICE is targeting roughly 2,000 people, including families, with final deportation orders.

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Advocates are coaching immigrants on their rights, including not to respond if agents knock on the door unless they show a warrant signed by a judge.

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At a press conference Sunday, Sen. Chuck Schumer spoke out against the raids.

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“I don’t care if you’re a Democrat, Republican, liberal or conservative. No one wants to see children ripped away from their children, parents ripped away from their children, and that ought to stop right now,” Schumer said. “In previous raids, that has happened. Everyone agrees, if someone’s a hardened criminal, a bank robber, a sexual abuser, they shouldn’t be here, but the vast majority of immigrants are hardworking people who just want to make a better life. And the idea of ripping them apart from their parents is a very bad idea, and that is what will happen in these raids, inevitably.”

President Donald Trump has said the raids are focused on deporting criminals, including MS-13 gang members.

Protesters gathered in Battery Park on Saturday and in Queens on Sunday to denounce the raids.

“We will fight your right to remain at home because you are home in this city, New York City,” Anthony Enriquez, with Catholic Charities Community Services, said.

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On Saturday, de Blasio tweeted he had received “reports of attempted but reportedly unsuccessful ICE enforcement actions in Sunset Park and Harlem.”

The mayor is urging concerned residents to call 311 to receive free immigration legal help.

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  1. Edward Branca says:

    I am very much looking forward to the day, which I hope will come soon, when a brave and courageous American takes a gun and ASSASSINATES that piece of pig excrement and rat vomit called TRUMP. I will enjoy reading the news headlines that will say TRUMP ASSASSINATED. I will celebrate TRUMP’S ASSASSINATION with a fellow liberal friend. May the person who ASSASSINATES TRUMP have excellent aim and may his/her BULLETS get TRUMP right between Trump’s greedy and selfish capitalistic eyes.

  2. These raids happened for years under Obama said Jeh Johnson formerly DHS secretary under Obama. The outrage by democrats is nothing but selective outrage because its President Trump. The current migration at our border is costing taxpayers a Kings ransom ($17,000 per day ABC news.) Fleeing persecution? or fleeing for freebies? they sure don’t stay in Mexico when they reach “safety” or ask or offered political asylum in Mexico. Why? because Mexico will give them NOTHING. So they make the long journey to our border, our generous Democrats, and our tax dollars.

    We have Democrat / Socialist / Activists in the Northern Triangle of South America & Mexico; even as you read this instructing the populations to make sure you bring your children and use the the magic words…..”credible fear.” Mexico recently arrested two socialist activists who were instrumental in the organizing of prior caravans, Then you have a Democrat House saying the crisis is “manufactured” as literally thousands attack our border daily? The crisis IS manufactured…by the Democrats themselves. Make no mistake about this, Democrats want this to happen and never stop. They will with hold border security support allowing as many illegal aliens to enter the country as possible overwhelming our BP & ICE before assisting in border security (if ever.)

    To Democrats/Socialists programs like Temporary Protective Status (TPS) or Deferred Action for Childhood arrivals (DACA) are permanent programs. There is nothing “temporary or deferred” about these programs to Democrats. These programs are designed to admit refugees (usually from the third world) then Democrats fight to keep them here permanently using the charge of racism, religion, guilt, against anyone opposed. Simple formula works great.

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