NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. (CBSNewYork) – A fast-moving storm is being blamed for a crane collapse Sunday night in New Jersey.

The huge steel structure landed on top of two homes, ripping apart ceilings, even sending a wrecking ball through one of the roofs.

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A crane toppled over onto a house in New Brunswick, New Jersey, on July 21, 2019. (Photo: @Deborah_H)

It’s incredible no one was hurt, especially considering this is only the base of the crane. The structures extends almost all the way to the next block. Neighbors said the way the wind was blowing last night, nothing could withstand those gusts.

The giant toppled crane drew bewildered eyeballs to Hamilton Street all Monday morning in New Brunswick. Those who witnessed its terrifying collapse told CBS2’s Christina Fan they were scared for their lives.

“I look out the window and I see a crane just falling into this house. And the transformer blew out and this power line just blew out right in front of my face, so naturally I ducked, went right underneath my bed,” said Vishal Desai.

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The crane missed Desai’s room, but landed on two homes right beside him. George Chedid, the owner of one of the buildings, showed Fan the heavy damage inside. Not only was the roof torn apart. There was a wrecking ball dangling inside.

(Credit: CBS2)

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“Ceilings are crashed in, you can see the sky, very unbelievable,” Chedid said.

Neighbors say a freak storm, combined with fast winds and torrential rain, was to blame. Some say the gusts were the strongest they’ve ever experienced.

“In my car, I could feel my car actually shaking from the wind. Right before I passed under it, that’s when it was the hardest and I’m guessing that’s when it fell,” said neighbor Matt Sealine.

Families say it was incredibly lucky most of the homes on the street were empty. The rooms are typically rented out by Rutgers college students, who are currently away for the summer.

“Thank God no one was there. If this had been two months later, there could have been a lot of injuries,” Chedid said.

The crane belongs to the company Vergona out of Englewood, New Jersey. The crane was being used to build an apartment complex on the corner of Hamilton and Guilden streets. When CBS2 called to ask if proper procedures were followed ahead of Sunday’s storm, the company refused to comment.

“You pass it every day and you see the crane and you just wonder, like, how that can maintain its sturdiness,” Chedid said. “But you just don’t think that that can happen. You just think they take proper caution.”

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The cleanup and investigation are expected to take the next several days. OSHA officials and emergency responders are still trying to stabilize the area.