NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – What should be a straight shot down South Fifth Street has become a “guess and swerve” because markings are missing, just a few splashes of paint drivers don’t see until too late.

The parked car line is in the middle, with through traffic and bike lane on either side, reports CBS2’s Dave Carlin.

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DOT officials are still waiting to paint a Brooklyn street, leaving drivers and bikers to fend for themselves. (Credit: CBS2)

If you are experienced enough to know, there is a plastic-covered single sheet of paper letting you know what’s up. We found exactly one on this pole mid-block.

At least one confused driver was about to line up behind parked cars until he realizes they are going nowhere.

Deliveryman says it’s been this way for a month.

Swerving around a seemingly random line of cars is resulting in near-misses in a “Which way do I go?” scenario that belongs in some cartoon.

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Even if you navigate correctly around the cars smack dab in the middle, drivers are still left to guess which side is through traffic and which side is for bikes. It’s only when you get right up close that you can see the paint job. It’s not permanent.

The Department of Transportation told CBS2 crews will paint next week, weather permitting.

CBS2 demanded to know why the lag between paving and painting. The DOT said waiting days and even weeks lets the surface harden to allow better bonding and adhesion of the markings.

And why not bigger, better signs?

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The DOT says the flimsy sign and temporary white markings are new procedures subject to review.