NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — An 11-year-old boy is scared to return to school, following an alleged assault by another student.

The bruises he suffered are so bad he is barely recognizable. His mother told CBS2’s Lisa Rozner on Wednesday the school isn’t doing enough to punish the student and keep her child safe.

Sixth grader Maison Black is in so much pain, his mother said he’s on medications around the clock.

Maison Black (Credit: CBS2)

“His scalp here is scraped off um on his nose his lip is busted,” Dazaray Kelly said. “His whole forehead is swollen down to his eyes. His eyes are almost closed. I was livid.”

Kelly said her son was attacked Monday at around 2:30 p.m. while leaving the Success Academy Harlem East charter school on East 112th Street.

“He’s like another sixth grader picked him up from the back and slammed him on his face,” Kelly said.

“I heard a scream and I saw him running back to the school,” witness Mugsy Green said.

Other witnesses told Kelly the attack was unprovoked. Her son said they don’t have class together, but they did interact on Friday.

“They actually were playing football at recess and he was getting upset that he was losing,” Kelly said of her son’s attacker. “He was so upset he wanted to harm him when he seen him and that’s why I think he should be expelled.”

However, Kelly said the principal has only told her the other student is suspended for five days.

“It shouldn’t be an option, because if you allow that to happen that means it’s okay,” Kelly said, “and it could happen again.”

Education experts actually say that Success is known for its strict policies. In fact, it’s written in its code of conduct that violence is illegal and could result in expulsion.

School staff wouldn’t go on camera. A spokesperson would only say by email it’s “working with the families of both students to investigate, determine consequences and ensure no further harm.”

Parents at the school had mixed reaction.

“They just need to be talked to I strongly believe, both of them because you don’t know what they’re learning at home and stuff like that,” Ashley Smith said.

“You don’t wanna ruin a little kid’s life by expelling them from school,” Green said.

“Get them suspended, yes, detention at the very least,” Charles Cruz added.

Kelly, who filed a police report for assault, said her son’s physical scars will heal, but emotionally it will take a long time. She’ll move her son to another school if she finds out he has to face the other student again.

CBS2 tried contacting the family of the other student, but was not successful. Education experts say during the suspension, the school could decide to expel the student.


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