NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Believe it or not, it is time to book your holiday travel.

Thanksgiving is eight weeks from today, and Christmas and Chanukah are 11 away.

Hopper’s consumer trends expert Liana Corwin stopped by the CBSN New York studios today and broke down when to buy and fly this holiday season.

Corwin said travelers should book their flights before Halloween for the best deals.

“If you can get all of your plans together by the end of the month, you’re going to save the most money,” she said. “That being said, every single route is going to be different.”

Next month, prices are expected to climb by about $10 a day.

“What we see with Thanksgiving is you can procrastinate a little bit more because, unfortunately, prices just start higher so they stay high up until the holiday,” she added. “Whereas with Christmas, prices start a little bit lower and as you get closer to the holiday they really start to spike.”

Corwin said the best days to leave for both Thanksgiving and Christmas are the Mondays before or the holidays themselves.

Watch the full interview above for more helpful tips.