NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – A Bronx mother is sounding the alarm after a package delivery worker is caught on camera trying to break into her home.

“I just was a nervous wreck,” Williamsbridge resident Delores Bellejambe said.

A man in a FedEx uniform showed up at Bellajambe’s house Tuesday in the Bronx. He didn’t just leave a package on her porch.

The unidentified person took what looks like a credit card from his pocket and appears to try to pick the lock to get in her front door on Matthews Avenue – never even noticing the bold attempted break-in was being recorded by her surveillance camera.

A suspect in a FedEx uniform is recorded trying to use a credit card to break into a Bronx home. (Credit: CBS2)

The mother of seven wonders if he was also looking for a fast way to get inside.

“I was wondering why was he trying to open the door with a credit card?” Bellajambe said.

“It makes me think what if he would’ve got in?”

She called police and says initially they were no help, but after CBS2 contacted them Friday they went back to the home take a report.

Now she’s wondering if this alleged worker has been canvassing the neighborhood in his truck, trying to find easy targets.

“They’ve been having break-ins in the area and people trying doors and maybe he was casing the place to tell his friends to come back later,” the Bronx resident claimed.

FedEx requested the tracking number for the package that Bellajambe had delivered and is trying to figure out which of its employees was caught on that video.

The company also released a statement:

“The behavior depicted in the video is reprehensible and we won’t tolerate it. We are reviewing the incident and will take swift action to address it.”

In the meantime, Bellajambe plans to show this disturbing delivery to everyone she can – in case the same guy shows up on someone else’s doorstep.

“I gotta think about my family and my safety,” the mother told CBS2’s Jessica Layton.


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