NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – New Yorkers can soon take a trip to Alaska without ever leaving the city.

A new art exhibit in Brooklyn is giving people the complete arctic experience, transporting people to a national wildlife refuge by tapping into all senses, reports CBS2’s Vanessa Murdock.

Smoke rolls across the floor while snow fills the screen.

Visitors to the Arctic Refuge Experience are transported to the arctic refuge in the far reaches of Alaska, all from Williamsburgh, Brooklyn.

The empty space transformed in just one month to show wildlife, majestic mountains and meandering streams.

When CBS2 arrived, creators were putting these final touches on the installation, laying moss and sprinkling labrador tea oil.

It’s all part of this 4D immersive experience created by Future Colossal.

“This was particularly difficult, we talked with different videographers that spent months in the arctic what it smells like so we could recreate it,” said Jake Lee-High, CEO of Futural Colossal.

“Our hope is to dispel myths that is just a vast wasteland,” said Edit Ruano of The Wilderness Society.

Ruano says this untouched gem, which takes about five different flights to get to, is being threatened by big oil. The organization she represents created this space in Brooklyn for a reason.

She wants New Yorkers to visit the arctic virtually to see how special it is.

This exhibit specifically targets Millennials.

“I think young people always love the opportunity to raise their voice,” said Ruano‘s Irene Pedruelo says you can do just that before you exit.

“They can grab and record a voicemail,” she said.

Those voicemails will get delivered to big oil execs.

This is art with intent, but no matter your viewpoint, the views are stunning.

The exhibit opens Thursday, but will only be open through the weekend.

Children get in free, and it’s $10 for adults or at a discount using the code CBSNYC.

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    Bring back the Artic Exhibit, so more Brooklynites can see and experience it.

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