NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — An NYPD vehicle was deliberately covered in trash Halloween Night in Brownsville.

A small group of residents laugh, some of them taunting two officers cleaning up the latest show of disrespect to law enforcement in New York City.

One is heard in a cell phone video saying “trick or treat” followed by a slur.

The officers show restraint as they clear trash filled boxes, broken eggs, and other rotting food.

“A lot of people call 911 in this neighborhood. They’re holding us up,” one officer replied.

The two officers were responding to a domestic dispute call in a nearby building and were upstairs long enough for their vehicle to be messed up like that.

Where the NYPD vehicle was parked, on the corner of East 95th Street at Clarkson Avenue, is in front of a bodega where Ahmed Naji works.

He says he saw it, that the vandals are adults, but did not give us detailed descriptions.

The bodega’s cameras face away from the parking spot and did not catch the suspects in the act.

Before the cell phone video starts, Naji tells CBS2 the officers walked up to find some of the trash burning.

“It was eggs and things put on it and also the boxes they were set on over fire,” Naji said.

“It’s not funny it’s stupid,” the worker’s brother added.

Increasingly police are targets for disrespect, mischief, and worse – with at least five water dousing incidents caught on video over the summer.

This was on the mind of President Trump as he tweeted Friday that he’ll switch his primary residence from New York to Florida.

“Our great police are being disrespected, even with water dumped on them, because a mayor and governor just don’t have their backs,” the president declared.

“New York’s Finest must be cherished, respected and loved.”

Repeatedly, Mayor de Blasio and Gov. Cuomo have condemned acts targeting cops and said officers are owed more respect.

“It’s not a prank in any sense of imagination. I mean, what they do is they slow the response time down to this patrol car or wherever they need to be which puts the public safety in danger,” retired NYPD Detective Sergeant Joseph Giacalone told CBS2’s Dave Carlin.

Some neighbors have a message for the people heard in the video laughing at the officers.

“Somebody should’ve helped instead of take the video,” Paris Massey said.

The car itself wasn’t damaged, according to the NYPD, who say they are still looking for suspects and added more patrols to the neighborhood.

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  1. Ernie Wisdom says:

    I don’t understand why the Police union doesn’t call a 60 day strike, and let these animals k-ll, rob, r-pe, and pil-age each other. See how they feel when the cops don’t come.

    1. Bad Penguin says:

      I agree 100%

  2. Planet Clownfish Brain says:

    Police enforce a lot of bad laws. They serve the elites and are awarded some extra privileges above the plebs. They are oppressors and non whites despise them. Now that more whites are waking up, things are gonna get worse for these thugs. Whites are the only ones who had their backs and we are almost the minority.

    1. CommonSense says:

      You are full of BS!!

  3. It’s not disrespect, it’s vandalism.

    1. furball1 says:

      It is both disrespect and vandalism. They need to start arresting these thugs and give them a little jail time for inhibiting the police in the performance of their duty.

  4. Hate to be a police officer in NYC now! Thats what you get when your mayor hates the cops !

    1. Jack says:

      So sad. I would say stop going into the area but there are decent people who live there and need the support of the PD. Not sure what answer is – but – I would not blame any one of these police if they quit and moved out of the city. Let it rot – it’s well on it’s way.

  5. Arec Bardwin says:

    They should go on a 2 month strike. They might even get some respect from their democrat overlords after. “Might,” being the key word….

    1. No need for strike. Just go into work, put your uniform on, then do as little as you can whenever you can. Respond slowly and carefully to jobs and cut way back on summons issued ! We did exactly that THIRTY YEARS AGO,,,,and the city caved in TWO DAYS!

  6. Rob says:

    Anybody shocked these sanctuary cities are like this?

  7. Mike Arvand says:

    S**t like this, is why Trump won.

  8. Paul says:

    Blame the NY city Council, the Mayor for allowing people to do this. In other States damaging city property is a Felony. In NY they hire the cops to clear eggs off their cars and bend over to disrespect. This is sickening.

  9. nearboston says:

    Bleepholes breed Bleepheads. The Po-Po should just ignore sections of the city that do these things.

  10. Vince says:

    You reap what you sow. NYPD union supports democrats. Now is it worth it?

  11. Freeland_Dave says:

    Back in the early 70’s South San Francisco police had the same problem so they just didn’t responding to and paroling to those areas. I was station at Hunters Point and you just didn’t go out at night and during the day when you drove off base you had a tire iron across your lap. These cops should do the same.

  12. SlowJowBiteme says:

    Democrat politicians encourage this hatred of police.

    1. Fat N Happy says:

      NYPD, think carefully before you support a particular party

      1. Johnny David says:

        No need to think. This is the fault of the cop hating Dems and socialists. Vote Republican!

  13. Dr. Sidney Mysterious says:

    The people who voted for deBlasio and Cuomo should be more than ashamed. These two public disgraces should be relegated to the scrap heap they deserve along with governments in SF, LA, Seattle, Baltimore…

  14. rho1953 says:

    Make no mistake, this is purposeful to drive the police out of neighborhoods so the goons can run their drug businesses unimpeded. I guess this is what the left wingnuts want, total anarchy.

    1. James says:

      Leftist nutjobs love chaos and third world living. It makes them feel oh so global and, consequently, gives them a reason for creating more laws and societal control. Funny thing with liberals – they love control but their doctrine always leads to more chaos. That’s what happens when you don’t respect individual liberty, traditional values and Constitutional principles.

  15. goodwater says:

    The NYC Police Department should just walk away from the City and leave NYC void of any protection.

  16. DG says:

    You get the respect you earn.

  17. 1eyeninja says:

    Brownsville..? that pretty much explains a lot.

  18. rambo2070 says:

    George Madison: I hope one day you desperately need help from the NYPD and they flip you the middle finger. It is ignorant fools like you that makes your city a crime ridden cesspool.

  19. bob says:

    Liberalism is a cancer! Look at Cuba, Venezuela, Argentina, China… is that how you want to live?

  20. Jim Sutton says:

    The NYPD can thank Cuomo, de Blasio, and their own police commissioner for permitting the thugs to attack the police officers and vandalize their vehicles. It is just matter of time before the thugs kill an NYPD officer.

    1. Rich says:

      Sooner or later? A cops killed in the line of duty would be nothing new.

  21. George Madison says:

    Cops are trash.

    1. Guyver says:

      But you’re worse.

    2. Guyver says:

      NYPD, you are always welcome down South. Better weather and pay. Plus respect for what you do.

      1. Ford HiPo says:

        No they aren’t. We have enough of our own problem children.

    3. SCOTT DAVID says:


    4. David Johnson says:

      Little Georgie hates cops because he has been arrested dozens of times…cops keep interfering with his criminal activities, so he despises them.

      1. David Johnson says:

        P.S. I have sex with children and farm animals.

  22. lamie darwin says:

    It’s always jigs.

  23. Jim1937 says:

    They should show restraint by stopping their billy clubs only 1/2 and inch into these heads of these POS’s!

  24. Frank Skidmore says:

    Look to the most dysfunctional, crime ridden cities in America and you will find decades of control by members of the Party of Slavery (Democrats).

  25. Steve says:

    Well what do you expect from that neighborhood,and their leaders wonder why police react the way they do, DISGRACEFUL, You can thank Mayor de Blasio and Gov. Cuomo for this.

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