ROCKVILLE, Md. (CBSNewYork/CNN) – A Maryland pharmaceutical company claims they may have created a potential cure for HIV.

American Gene Technologies announced it filed a 1,000-page application with the FDA on Wednesday as scientists there believe they have created a gene therapy unlike any other.

“We are doing this with a purpose with improving people’s living, relieving suffering and increasing their lifespan,” Irene Tennant said, via CNN.

AGT, announced the submission of an investigational new drug application for the company’s lead HIV program called AGT 103-T.

The single-dose drug has a simple purpose, to eradicate HIV once and for all. AGT said they are hoping to hear from the FDA before the end of the year.

If their application is approved, phase one clinical trials could begin in January.

For More On The Potential Breakthrough And American Gene Technologies, Head To CBS Baltimore

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  1. Gus Cairns says:

    I am an Editor at

    Many other sites also also picked up on this. “HIV cure” stories are very damaging and are lazy journalism, please don;t believe overcooked press releases without research. I co

    I personally have had HIV for long enough to be content to die with it (not from it), but lots of people, particularly newly infected, seize on this sort of stuff desperately.

    There are many promising roads that may lead to a cure (not just one) but we are nowhere near even knowing which one will get to that destination. We have cured 3 men (probably) with expensive and dangerous bone-marrow transplants you wouldn’t give to anyone unless they had cancer. One lucky woman in California developed an immune reaction to HIV that means slowly, over a period of years, she cured herself. It’s imaginable we could invent a vaccine that mimics that. We may possibly have stopped HIV infection in a few young kids by treating them very early – but not most.

    What we are nowhere near is a cure that’s highly effective, works in wide variety of people, is cheap, safe, stable and scalable (the method in this story falls down on at least one of these – it will need pricey and specialised medical facilities.)

    We will get one in the end but I’d put where we are a good 10-15 years behind an HIV vaccine – in the noughties we never thought we’d develop that, but we MAY have a partially effective one of those in the next few years.

    This is an application for a phase 1 safety trial. Even if it clears all hurdles with ease, the statutory time the drug approval process takes is six to seven years at an absolute minimum. So there is no way this could be available til 2027.

    And only 1-3% of candidate medications last the course. My guesstimate for an HIV cure? Well, we may always develop a new technology that does all that stuff but on current trends, my ETA for a cure is no earlier than 2035.

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