NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – The bitter cold temperatures are drawing mixed reaction from people all over our area.

CBSN New York’s John Dias checked in to see how they’re holding up.

The order is usually trick or treat on Halloween, carve the turkey on Thanksgiving, then freeze for the holidays. Well, Mother Nature is changing it all up with frigid temperatures.

Parkas were unpacked, scarves wrapped, gloves on. New Yorkers were bundled up to face the record cold.

The cold temperatures are testing New Yorkers to see how tough we really are.

“It’s insane. It’s crazy,” said Queens resident Ananda Ajay.

“It’s very, very cold,” another person said.

“This is very not normal,” said another.

Locals are pulling out anything to keep warm Wednesday. Besides coats and hats, that also includes positive thinking and possibly tricking the brain.

“I’m pretending this is going to be a brief interlude until the real winter hits,” one person said.

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Big swings happen in fall. This time around, arctic air invaded roughly two thirds of the eastern United States.

While you could usually find some people brave enough to wear shorts in these temperatures, others say it’s too cold to work outside. One street vendor closed up shop because of the weather.

“It’s cold. Too much cold. It’s freezing,” he said.

One longtime Manhattan resident pulled down his scarf over his face to tell Dias what he really thinks about the cold.

“I think that it’s reprehensible,” said Hell’s Kitchen resident Jason Mickle. “It’s definitely an arctic blast and a prelude to a winter I’m not ready for here.”

Judah Cohen, a climatologist with AER Verisk Business. He describes himself as a bit radical when it comes to winter forecasting. He provided CBS2 with exclusive access to his Central Park snowfall forecast. Cohen projects we’ll be shoveling above average snowfall: 40.7 inches to be exact. That’s not a record season by any stretch. It’s a colder, thus snowier projection than put out by NOAA in late October.

“I do think there’s much more of a cold risk for the eastern U.S. than might be implied or suggested by their forecast.

Cohen looks at how much snow was on the ground in Asia and northern Europe in October to predict winter weather in the U.S.

“When snow cover is above normal, we tend to have a colder, whiter winter in the northeast and New York City.

And this October was above normal. In fact, the fifth highest on record.

In Holmdel, N.J., homeowners left their sprinklers on Wednesday morning. The lawn, sidewalk and surrounding street turned into a winter wonderland.

Just like most things, there’s always two sides. While many may find it hard to believe people enjoy the cold, others thoroughly enjoy it.”

“I honestly feel like I have not left Canada, it’s so cold,” said Toronto resident Zeel Shah.

“I’m looking forward to it being colder to be honest,” another person said.

“I know it’s chilly and uncomfortable sometimes, but I love the feeling of it nipping at your nose,” said Bay Ridge resident Olivia Austin.

Our meteorologists predict that it’s going to get a bit warmer tomorrow, so we have that to look forward to.



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