NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – A man was killed in a shooting in Brooklyn on Tuesday morning.

Bullets also pierced a school bus with a child on board and struck an MTA bus.

Little, innocent faces looked down at the crime scene below them after the small, yellow school bus was hit by a stray bullet.

Luckily, the 4-year-old boy, driver and matron on board were not hurt.

“I’m terrified. This is crazy because that could’ve been my kid, someone else’s kid. That’s just crazy, in broad daylight,” one woman said.

(Credit: CBS2)

The wild shooting happened around 8:45 a.m. at Pennsylvania and Dumont avenues in East New York, right near a Head Start program and a high school.

Police say 32-year-old Francisco Bonilla got into some sort of fight with at least one suspect, who pulled out a gun and started shooting.

Investigators say he killed Bonilla and not only hit the yellow bus, but a B-20 MTA bus, too.

“When I got up, I hear some bang bang bang, some shots, so I went to the front of the door, 381, people was running,” building super Daniel Gonzalez said.

Surveillance video shows some of the 30 bus passengers on board getting off, looking back at the bullet hole in the passenger door. None of them were hurt.

In the meantime, Bonilla’s distraught loved ones could not believe what happened or why.

Friends told CBS2’s Andrea Grymes he recently had a baby girl.

“Unless there’s something I’m not aware of, and I doubt that, he’s just a quiet guy. Not into anything, no drugs, nothing,” said Juan Lopez.

“He’s a good gentleman, a good young man. Stayed out of trouble. I’m just surprised what happened, like, I don’t know why. It’s gotta be a mistaken identity or something ’cause he stayed out of trouble,” Jose Fuentes, another friend, said.

CBS2 has been told Bonilla lived on the same corner where he died.

No arrests have been made and a motive is unclear.