NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Mayor Bill de Blasio has signed a massive redesign of city streets, favoring buses and bikes over cars.

The man behind the master plan is City Council Speaker Corey Johnson, who says it will once and for all “break the car culture” in the city.

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The sweeping agenda calls for transforming streets to speed up buses and make it safer for cyclists and pedestrians.

“For too long, things have been stacked in car drivers’ favor and away from other people that need to use our city streets,” said Johnson.

Johnson said the plan will “revolutionize the way New Yorkers use our streets, creating more bus and bike lanes, more pedestrian space and safer street infrastructure.”

The $1.7 billion plan will require the city to build 250 miles of protected bike lanes and 150 miles of protected bus lanes, plus bus stop upgrades, better pedestrian crossing signals and a crackdown on bad drivers.

The mayor was on board an M-14 bus during the Monday evening commute, asking riders how they felt about the new 14th Street busway.

“I thought it would go well. It’s going better, I think, than anyone imagined,” he said in an interview with NY1.

Transit advocates have cheered on the plan, while drivers worry traffic will be worse.

“I think it’s healthier for people to be walking and biking,” Manhattan worker Sandra Clough said.

“I’m for more bikes lanes, of course,” said Clinton Hill resident Tom Platoni.

“It’s probably a good thing to crack down on congestion with cars,” Downtown Brooklyn resident Mark Hulsmann said.

“I think that’s kind of tough for a person who has to figure out how I’m going to get my child to school or drop them off,” said Park Slope resident Jennifer Fortunato.

Uber driver Eddie Kassi said he’s worried about more traffic and wants to see the laws enforced for all.

“Need to organize how we can all help each other in the city. It’s not only about the cars, cars, cars,” he said. “Go check 13th Street and 15th Street after they did the bus route. You need half an hour just to cross 13th Street, which is like three avenues. It’s horrible. They’re doing good things, but they’re hurting a lot of people on the other side.”

The plan will take effect in December 2021.

The bill also requires the DOT to issue a transportation master plan every five years.

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  1. twospirits says:

    Driving in Manhattan is hell. Too many taxis for one. Get rid of them and congestion will ease up. Every avenue and every major crosstown street has bus service. No need for taxis. At any time of the day or night you will see no less than 5 of them in a city block. While its commended that the city is trying to do something, its their fault for not fixing the problem sooner. They never built the cross mid Manhattan expressway that now pushes trucks and cars spilling onto streets. They never built the airport(s) to Manhattan rail links, etc etc. I just find it funny that these officials really believe that they can turn NYC into a bike only European utopia. Its only going to make things more congested. People will not give up their cars especially in the outer boroughs.

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