NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – A car’s dash cam video has led to the arrest of a father and son, accused of drag racing through the Lincoln Tunnel.

Port Authority Police say Chadwick Quinones and his father Fred Ordine were in the cars seen on video barreling through the tunnel on Feb. 9.

One of their cars spun out of control and crashed into another vehicle.

(Credit: Port Authority Police)

Quinones was charged at the time, in part, for leaving the scene of an accident.

Police reopened their investigation when they learned about the dash cam video, posted on social media.

It was initially posted by Quinones on his Instagram page.

The follow-up investigation has now led to new charges including reckless endangerment, holding an illegal speed contest, and reckless driving against both the father and son.

“We are committed to tracking down people who commit this type of reckless behavior and prosecuting them. In doing so, we hope to deter others from doing the same,” Port Authority Police Chief Detective Matthew Wilson said.

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