WEST ISLIP, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) – A parrot that was more than a pet to one Long Island family is gone after a terrible mix-up.

There is a little happiness to report for them however, CBS2’s Jennifer McLogan reports.

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“I feel like I have a new baby,” Iffat Furoogh said.

Can a newborn Quaker parrot being fed baby formula replace Sunny, a family’s companion bird?

The Furooghs of Mt. Sinai are praying the answer is yes.

“I’m very happy at getting my new baby bird. I still miss my Sunny.”

Sunny, the emotional support parrot (Credit: CBSN New York)

In a freak but tragic mistake another pet store customer – caught on surveillance video – told police it was an accident that he walked out of BTJ’s Jungle of West Islip with the Furoogh’s beloved therapy parrot.

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He says he thought he took the box filled with mice for his pet snake and claimed by the time he opened it, hours after work, the parrot was dead.

“When this whole charade happened, the mistakes, we felt horrible,” Bill Niehoff of BTJ’s Jungle said.

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The pet store owners contacted a breeder and brought in a new baby for the Furooghs

“We told them to come in and hand feed so they can bond with him while he weans.”

Iffat had medical and emotional struggles. Her doctor prescribed a parrot. Sunny had become part of the family and brought relief – talking, snuggling, and riding on heads or shoulders.

Quaker parrots can live 20 to 30 years. They cost $300 and up. way up, but in this holiday gesture for the Furoogh family, Sunny’s replacement will be free.

“Forget all my stress and anxiety when he comes home,” Furoogh said.

“Parrots can be great companion animals. They fill a big need for people who may be lonely or wake up every day with something to take care of,” Niehoff added.

“I’m just waiting to kiss him and hold him,” Furoogh said.

An act of kindness means a second chance for the Furooghs.

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It’s hoped the new baby parrot will be weaned in two more weeks and can join the Furoogh family at home.